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Launched in May 2012, modeconnect.com intends to provide resources for all those interested in the fashion industry. It offers a worldwide platform on which fashion students, educators and young designers can show their work and share information.

Each month Modeconnect highlights a different city, providing an in depth review of local fashion resources. In addition to its main coverage, Modeconnect runs the Global View blog sharing fashion information from around the world. In January 2013 Modeconnect launched Your View, a competition and a feature dedicated to young designers at different stage of their training.

Modeconnect does not promote the consumption of fashion; instead it supports those who intend to produce the fashion of tomorrow.



Fashion education must develop individual creativity, technical skills and an understanding of local and worldwide markets. The global perspective this requires is often difficult to achieve in schools where teaching methods and students backgrounds tend to be similar.

The mixing of cultures, influences and individuals contributes to greater creativity. By showing the life, work and inspiration of young fashion designers around the world Modeconnect hopes to stimulate and satisfy their curiosity for different approaches to fashion, making them aware of the possibilities offered by an ever increasingly global industry.

Modeconnect believes in the benefits of curiosity, exchange and collaboration.


Students Featured

The students work presented throughout the site is carefully curated by Modeconnect. Fashion students who would like to be featured on Modeconnect should apply via our submission form.

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The Issue of Copyright

Modeconnect takes copyright very seriously. It will defend its and its contributors’ rights. Similarly the editorial team takes great care to insure proper authorization is granted and credit given when using the work of others. If despite our greatest efforts we failed to do so, please let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments.



Modeconnect is also a community of writers and curators featured on our Contributors Page. Their ages and backgrounds are varied, their points of view unique. From time to time they are kind enough to share their perspective on subjects that matters to them.

If like them you would like to write for Modeconnect please fill in the form on our Contributors’ page.


Sharing Information with our community

To help share information across the different geographies of its community, Modeconnect runs several Pinboards organised by geography. But we need your help to keep our Pinterest boards supplied with fresh fashion news. By getting involved, you’ll help us help you but also make your own Pinterest account more visible and have an opportunity to promote the fashion projects you and your friends are involved with.

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