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Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is right on the Jimmy Choo-clad heels of the fashion industry, as all prepare for the subsequent onslaught of four fashion weeks. This Wednesday, September 3rd will be the catalyst to the madness, as New York Fashion Week commences.

Academy of Art University’s


As a recent graduate from the university, I couldn’t be more excited to see what lies ahead of the catwalk for the San Francisco Academy of Art’sSchool of Fashion at MBFW. The Academy has as a premier American design school, boasts a unique returning spot at NYFW. With five featured collections (twelve designers total), the talent has been carefully selected and mentored by Simon Ungless, the Director of the School of Fashion for the Spring 2015 show.

Christina Neault, who until 2013 was the Executive Producer of IMG fashion and of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has professed to SF Gate that the University maintains an  “innate ability to showcase students’ designs in a clean, well-executed manner that rivals some of the most well-known fashion houses.”

The AAU MFA collections are renowned for their commitment to quality, their attention to fine detail and their aptitude for original prints. In the past, participating NYFW MFA design students have gone on to launch their own successful labels, for example, Bethany Meuleners and Sabah Mansoor Husain of “Mansoor Scott” and Kenneth Ning of a label by the same name.  The Academy’s School of Fashion, which breeds and feeds collaboration-based projects, has also seen previous collaborations between the design program and the jewelry, textile, knitwear majors.

And speaking of collaboration, this SS15 season’s crop of talent is featuring maybe one of the largest design teams the school has seen, with a menswear collection being launched by seven design students.

For this season, we can expect to see some women’s wear collections sampling inspiration from the most unlikely places, from Japanese ink drawings to Le Corbusier’s architectural work. Below we have this season’s designer talent lineup.

Check back in as I bring you updates and exclusive interviews with some of the designers after the show. Happy New York Fashion Week!

The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion Spring 2015 Collections will show at Lincoln Center on Saturday evening, September 6th.

Womenswear: Die Zhou: MFA in Fashion Design, Women’s wear collection, Mia Jianxia Ji: MFA Fashion & Knitwear Design, Women’s wear collection , Madison Detro: MFA Fashion Design, Women’s wear collection, Szu Chi Huang: MFA Fashion Design, Women’s wear collection and Wei Bai: MFA Fashion Design, Women’s wear collection.

Menswear collection designer collaboration: Asiyat Tsalikova (MFA Fashion Design), Max Lu (MFA Fashion Design), Liz Li (MFA Fashion Design), Jihyun Kim (MFA Mesnwear Design), Jingci Wang (MFA Fashion Design), Yin Yang (MFA Fashion Design), Yaqiong Zhou (MFA Fashion Design)

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Written by Alexandra Suarez

Alexandra Suarez

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