Agnė Alaburdaitė, 22, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Agnes Alaburdaite YourView 2014
Agnes Alaburdaite YourView 2014

Agnė Alaburdaitė is 22 years old Fashion BA student in Vilnius, Lithuania. She is due to graduate in 2015. You can connect with Agnė via Pinterest @agnesagnesoh, Facebook and Tumblr, or email her at

What is the background of the work you submitted?
Undo/redo is a prêt-a-porter collection for men and women inspired by modern architecture. The main elements are constructiveness and innovation. This project represents city vibes and urban youth; intellectual wanderers in familiar city streets full of the unfamiliar.

Agnes Alaburdaite YourView 2014

I played with constructions and texture, to create a vision of modern buildings. I was engrossed in this theme for a while. It is inspiring to see the diversity in architecture from past to present, especially in towns where the old and new are closer than ever.

What inspires you creatively?
Most of my inspirations come from the environment that surrounds me: buildings, people, atmosphere… Like it or not you cannot control your ideas and the greatest ideas come naturally and effortlessly.

I get ideas from the city streets- there are so many different personalities and unique styles. I am also interested in structures; the way buildings connect with people and how it creates an urban vibration between them.

I find young spirit designers like Alexander Wang, Juun J and Dion Lee who experiment and search for new forms and construction solutions very impressive. I like also like Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy and Hussein Chalayan the same reasons.


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Your favourite film of all

Agnes Text 02
Is this one? I guess I like watching movies

Your favourite music track or album right now
Moderat – Bad kingdom. Listening to it reminds me of spring.

Your favourite on-line Video
HTRK – Bendin. It helps slow me… for a few minutes


Agnes Alaburdaite YourView 2014

A View from My Window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
Dazed Digital: Everyday junk-culture news with a fresh attitude

What is hot or new in the world, where you live?
I didn’t notice when it started but food is on trend: talking about it, making it, eating it. And clothes-wise: sneakers, sneakers & sneakers

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is my connection to the world. Fashion is not only about the clothes, it is about every move that you make and how you do it. It is about paying attention to everything around you.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
As interdisciplinary projects are also the trend it would be amazing to create a project that involves every field (art/music/cinema) needed to create new visualisation and interpretation forms. For example, a fashion show where models move, dance & act in a make-believe-land where their every move creates a different sound.

Agnė Alaburdaitė YourView 2014

Agnė Alaburdaitė

How do you imagine your future?
Right now I am taking all opportunities and experiences possible, to figure what I like the best. I can already see I love creating clothing collections and giving my creativity maximum freedom. So, of course my priority will be to create my own brand.

Your ideal internship
Givenchy, Balmain, Alexander Wang – I’d love to find out what is inside.

You wonder…
Are you looking for interns?

Photo credits:

Designer: Agnė Alaburdaitė
Photographer: Monika Mykolaitytė
Make-up artist: Agnė Urbonaitė
Models: Gintarė Šedytė and Povilas Ežerskis


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