Alix at London Graduate Fashion Week: Tuesday 12th June 2012

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Hi!  I’m back.  Tuesday was an exhausting day: there were shows all day, taking place in either of the two theatres.  There was so little time between shows that we had to run from one theatre to the other.

Alix Rossetto

I saw three shows on Tuesday: the International Show, Bath Spa University & Wiltshire College Salisbury (showing together)and Manchester School of Art.  Manchester’s students were really talented; there was a lot of diversity in their work and also many collections of menswear. The International Show was very long with a total of four schools from Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan and Paris showing. Bath had one of its students, Chloe Jones, picked for the Gala Show who actually won Best Womenswear and Gold Award.

Outfit by Florence Bridge

Over what I have seen of the shows I was really impressed by the students’ work.  I liked in particular E.L. Patten, Florence Bridge and Sofia Colasante.  E.L. Patten played with geometric shapes, symmetry and the use of bright colours for her outfits.

Outfit by Florence Bridge

Florence Bridge used purple and the pattern of shells for her collection of swimwear and summer wear.

And Sofia Colasante made fabulous dresses by using technology and materials like Plexiglas. I was lucky enough to meet Sofia Colasante and keen to ask her some questions, in fact I interviewed her and you can read my transcript below.

I was really happy that I had the privilege to meet Sofia Colasante. It was the first time that I spoke to a designer and I was a bit nervous because I felt like I was talking to someone who could one day become as important as Karl Lagerfeld is today. But in fact Sofia was really nice and accessible.Tuesday was an amazing experience.


Alix interviews Sophia


 Sofia, why did you choose to study at Istituto Marangoni?
Because I am Italian and I feel this is the best fashion school in Italy.

Did you always want to study fashion?
Of course! I started at four years old, making dresses for my dolls.  When I finished school I wanted a professional education of fashion.

 How many years have you studied fashion? And what did you do during those years?
I have studied fashion for three years.  In those three years I have learned all about the different types of womenswear, menswear, shoes and accessories.

 What is the statement/message of your collection?
I wanted to make something new.  That is why I used a lot of technology to make the dresses.  I wanted people to go “wow” when they saw the dresses.

How do you find inspiration?
There is a place on the coast of Italy which helps me relax.  That is where I get my inspiration from.

What type of brand/label would you like to work for?
I would really like to work for Alexander Mc Queen.

What job would you like to do?
I would like to have my own brand and be the designer.

Do you have any prospects on a job?
No, but I think I am going to start by doing internships like everybody else and learn how to work and from there I will start building up my career.

Sofia Colasante: Marongoni Italy


Sofia Colasante: Smoking Dress

Sofia Colasante: Perspex Dress

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Written by Alix Rossetto

Alix Rossetto

Alix is a 14 year old GCSE student at the Lycée Français (the French school) in London. She is interested in pursuing fashion studies when she finishes school. As she is in Year 10 here in London, she had to do a week of work experience as part of her coursework. ModeConnect offered her the fantastic opportunity to attend London Graduate Fashion Week as an undercover reporter. Alix is French-American and has lived in Paris and London.




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    Great interview

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    I am thoroughly impressed with what Alix is doing and learning already at her age. She sounds like a very forward-thinking young lady. So, interests in the fashion field? Fascinating!

    Good Luck in going after your dreams, Alix! Please keep me posted on what special things you are doing and how your interest evolves.

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    Hi, Alex! Your blog is great! I am impressed with your ambition and future-thinking. You have wonderful things waiting for you. Let nothing stop you from going after your dreams! Love, Aunt Sue, Illinois, USA

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    Great interview! Please keep me in the loop.