Alix at London Graduate Fashion Week: Wednesday 13th June 2012

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Wednesday was sadly the last day of GFW.  There were two Gala Shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  I went to see the one in the afternoon, which means that I wasn’t there when the awards were announced.

Alix Rossetto

Still the afternoon Gala Show was amazing.  It regrouped the work of 27 students picked from the previous shows by a jury.  I was really happy and excited to be part of the crowd.  Even though I was a bit disappointed when I learned that not all the designers I really liked were chosen, I still enjoyed the show because the models did a fabulous job and the students’ work was incredible.

I particularly liked the work of Maria Martimo.  The pantsuits and dresses she made would definitely be something I would wear for a special occasion.This experience has taught me a lot about the fashion industry.  A lot of thinking goes into fashion.  There are also many ways to study it with courses in fashion communication, management, marketing and journalism.

I also got a sense of how difficult it is to design something really original and interesting.  It is difficult because you must come up with the idea, be able to actually produce the clothes but also because what your designs have to appeal to other people.

This experience has been enlightening.  It made me want to look at and research more closely my study options for the future.  I would recommend anyone interested in studying fashion to attend LGFW.

And now it is time for me to go back to school!

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Maria Martimo

Maria Martimo

Written by Alix Rossetto

Alix Rossetto

Alix is a 14 year old GCSE student at the Lycée Français (the French school) in London. She is interested in pursuing fashion studies when she finishes school. As she is in Year 10 here in London, she had to do a week of work experience as part of her coursework. ModeConnect offered her the fantastic opportunity to attend London Graduate Fashion Week as an undercover reporter. Alix is French-American and has lived in Paris and London.



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  1. tess
    June 27, 2012

    this is lovely, inspiring piece of journalism