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AMFI 1 Minue

One week to make a one minute video


Right at the beginning of their course, students of the Fashion & Visual Culture Programme at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute have to create a one minute film. When we interviewed her last year, for VideoView 2013, AMFI graduate Suzanne van Heerde, explained: With little to no experience, we were challenged to create a video within one week. It was mad but we managed to produce this movie.

The latest videos created for this project have just been released by AMFI. Visual Culture Lecturer Nienke Sinnema explained: This year’s brief was: the (non)sense of fashion. Students start from scratch and in the time given must write a script, manage all aspect of production and do the final edit. The resulting videos address a wide range of themes from representation, greed, body issues and the tyranny of fashion – all themes relevant to our Fashion Writing Competition.

From January 17 to 27, 2014, Amsterdam’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a 10 Days Downtown event. This event will premiere AMFI’s Fashion & Visual Culture Students second project, a 3 minute fashion films inspired by the latest collection of young Dutch Fashion Designers.

We cannot wait to watch them!

 In the meant time you can watch AMFI’s VideoView 2013 entries, the one minute films: Autisticana, The Colour of Envy, Fashion Virus, and the three minutes ones: Topsy and Turvy, Becoming a Man; read our interviews with their creators; and enjoy the latest releases here:

The Dictation of Fashion

No questions allowed. Rules will be followed unconditionally.

AMFI presents: The Dictation of Fashion from AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture on Vimeo.

Pas de Deux

A passionate lovestory, but will it last forever?

AMFI presents: Pas de Deux from AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture on Vimeo.

Cameraman Obscura

Watch out! The camera wants you…

AMFI presents: Cameraman Obscura from AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture on Vimeo.

Charenton Le Dernier Cri

One stamp closer to beauty.

AMFI presents: Charenton Le Dernier Cri from AMFI Fashion & Visual Culture on Vimeo.

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