Anastasia Klimenko-Ogneva, 23, Omsk, Russia

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Anastasia Klimenko-Ogneva Fashion Design Russia


Anastasia Klimenko-Ogneva Fashion Design Russia Anastasia Klimenko-Ogneva Fashion Design Russia

Anastasia is a 23 year old BA Fashion Design student in Omsk, Russia, due to graduate in 2016. You can connect with Anastasia via VK.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
My work was inspired by many things: freedom, emotions and internal conflicts .  Spring in Russia also contributed, helping my colour and texture choices. This collection was not a project for my course, but something I did as an extra.
It is a reflection of my inner conviction and emotional outbursts. I showed the differences with contrasting materials, using thin, brightly printed fabrics as well as thick quilts and knits.

Anastasia Klimenko-Ogneva Fashion Design Russia

Your favourite film of all time.
Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” This film is important to me because it shows how each person must be unique … to “break out” of the mass crowd.

Your favourite music track or album right now. 2.
I like listening to Serj Tankian… it inspires me.

Your favourite on-line Video
I love these videos because they express how I feel… they “paint” my thoughts.

View from Anastasia's Window

View from Anastasia’s Window

Anastasia Klimenko

Anastasia Klimenko

What does Fashion mean to you?
For me fashion is very personal and emotional, coming from within. It is a way to express yourself and communicate with other people.



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