Anton Wiltshire, 19, Ipswich, UK

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YourView Competition Anton WIltshire

Anton Wiltshire Fashion Student UKAnton Wiltshire is a 19 years old Fashion Student from Ipswich in the UK, who is currently doing a Foundation course. You can contact Anton via twitter at @ant0nwiltshire.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
This design was part of a project for my course addressing our surroundings. We had to find inspiration from an area of Colchester determined by a square on a map randomly attributed to each of us.

At the time we just had hurricane-like storms and there was a lot of decay in the field I was looking in. I came across some skeleton leaves which I found really interesting. This led me to play with the idea of exposed human body.

I also recently visited the V&A museum’s Islamic Middle East room and I decide to contrast this idea with the image of Muslim women fully veiled in public.

Anton Wiltshire Fashion Student UKFor the photo shoot I had my model channel Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Some art historians interpret this painting to mean that the human form is the pinnacle of creation, and leads on to human creativity.

This project really became about women owning their own bodies and being able to displaying as much, or as little of it as they want.

What inspires you creatively?
I love looking into different cultures. I’m fascinated by how groups of people can act a certain way in response to things we’re all exposed to. We are given similar instruments in life, yet we all behave so differently. For instance, in the western world we wear jewellery to decorate and embellish the body, but in the Eastern world jewellery is also used to signal roles and position in society. Patterns in the Maasai tribe’s beaded necklaces represent age and social status for example.

I’m also influenced by sculptures and architecture. I am inspired by architect Zaha Hadid for what appear to be impossible builds – I want her to build my house – and I have a deep love for Iris Van Herpen.

Anton Wiltshire Fashion Student UK

Your favourite film of all times?
This is so embarrassing … I absolutely love 101 Dalmatians one of the first films I had on VHS. I love Cruella De Vil; I’m drawn to evil characters, particularly women. I think they’re such complex characters. – Plus Anita who works for De Vil is an incredible illustrator!

Your favourite music track or album right now?
Anyone that knows me knows the answer to this: ‘BEYONCÉ’ the visual album. It’s the only thing I’ve been listening to since December! I’m a huge fan of hers and the music is at its best; plus there is a beautifully made video for each song! Talk about Art at its finest.

Your favourite on-line Video?
Kanye West’s short film, Runaway is visually intense with a beautiful soundtrack and interesting story about being shunned from the world for being different.

A View from Anton's window

A View from Anton’s window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
SHOWstudio, by Nick Knight is the ‘the home of fashion film’ wher you can find great interviews and visuals from any great designer. Anyone interested in fashion especially photography and film should check it out.

What is hot or new in the world or where you live?
Sports/urban wear contrasted with expensive fabrics and intricate prints. Also minimalism is starting to come in for spring using muted pastels and a mix of texture with precision tailoring.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion design in my eyes is the most accessible art. People consume the designs everyday and actively make choices on garments that best represent them whether it’s at work, with friends or for leisure.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I would LOVE to work on project supporting a cause and making a difference. I believe fashion and art, design in general, has a big enough voice to make some changes in society happen. I would like to work with a team of creatives to create a movement. I would look for people that have the ability to work in groups and independently with good communication and strong visualization skills, people that push for experimentation.

How do you imagine your future?
I intend to be a fashion designer, with artisanal approach, under my own label. I want to inspire others to make and create.

Anton Wiltshire - Photo by

Anton Wiltshire – Photo by Cornelia van Helfteren

Your ideal internship
I would love to be able to intern with designers, assisting in the designing of collections and learning in depth about the industry. Labels such as Gareth Pugh, Iris Van Herpen and Comme des Garçons would be ideal for me.

You wonder…
High street Menswear really isn’t being pushed in the same way as womenswear. Even in designer collaborations menswear is always quarter of the size womenswear. Will we ever reach a point where menswear and womenswear are equally as exciting?

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