Audre Schwingel, 21, Menomonie, USA

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Audre Schwingel, 21, lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin, USA where she is studying for  Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Development. You can contact Audre at or via twitter at @dramaqueengumby. Visit Audre’s portfolio.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
I completed the two sweaters featured in these pictures in December of 2012.
For our Knit Technologies course, we were required to design and knit two garments. I was inspired by a sculpture from Chicago artist Jessica Joslin.







The female sweater is a kimono wrap with raglan sleeves. The front features a float jacquard pattern and has a snap closure and leather belt loops.
The male sweater has a nude jersey front with needle out overlay in black. The sleeves have a float jacquard pattern. The neckline was hand knitted with extra bulky 100% acrylic yarn with size 11 needles.
These sweaters were knitted on a standard gauge single bed knitting machine using 100% acrylic 2/24 yarn.

What inspires you creatively?
Inspiration comes in different ways. Sometimes I find a fabric or a material that I love and I’ll just start sketching ideas. Other times I find a really great piece of art that I either see in person, or I stumble upon online. From there I’ll brainstorm silhouettes as well as print or pattern ideas. I’ve even been inspired by simply listening to music, I like to imagine the creative types of clothing a person listening to that music would like to wear.

Your favorite film?
My favorite movie of all time is Sixteen Candles, it’s a 1984 coming-of-age comedy directed by John Hughes. It makes me wish I grew up on the 80’s. This clip is of one of my favorite scenes.


Your favorite music track?
My favorite music track right now is Wobble by Family Force 5.


Your favorite Video on line?
I love this video simply because it makes me feel good after watching it. I wish I could sing half as good as the singers in it.

Your favorite website for inspiration?
I like to use Stumbleupon I wouldn’t find many of the awesome stuff the internet has to offer without it.

View from Audre's Window

View from Audre’s Window

What is new in the world?
I am happy we are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and sustainability. Simple things like reusing grocery bags can make significant difference to the environment.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion enables people to express who they are and how they want to portray themselves to the world. For me fashion is also a creative outlet; I hope to design clothes that make people feel good about themselves when they wear them.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I would like to be able use my skills and talents to somehow give back to the world. I’m not sure how to do that, but I feel very fortunate for the life I lead and would like to help others in reciprocation. I would love to take part in projects of this type, working with other individuals or organizations. As long as the people I’m working with have a positive attitude and know how to work hard while still having fun, we will get along perfectly.

How do you imagine your future?
I aspire to work as a senior knitwear or menswear designer with an international label. I would love travel and work  abroad.

Audre Schwingel

Audre Schwingel

Your ideal internship
I am currently looking for employment/ internship opportunities for summer 2013. I would love working in the men’s design department for Thom Browne or Walter Van Beirendonck.

You wonder…
What makes a candidate for a fashion design position stand out from the competition? What would you recommend to new graduates?

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