Bianca Saunders, 19, London, UK

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Bianca Saunders is a 19 years old fashion student from South East London, UK. She is completing the first year of a 3 years BA course. You can contact Bianca at or via twitter at @biancarobyn.

Bianca, what is the background of the work you submitted?
This was the second project of the first semester of my BA course. The project lasted 6 weeks. The brief was to design and make a jacket. We had to take inspiration from a piece archived in our University collection, construct the garment, pattern cut it and finally make it. The project also had a theme; it was Corruption.

For my research I focused on the corruption of forms. I first looked at artists such as John Chamberlain (1927 –2011) an American artist famous his sculptures made with parts of old automobiles. I extrapolated his work to the human body; I looked at different activities such as contortionism that deform it. Finally I looked how ways in which art schools such as surrealism also deformed the body.

Over the six weeks of the project we had workshops on pattern cutting, draping and sewing but the project started on paper, sketching the forms I had imagined before working 3D. Once I had started working on 3D, photographing and sketching my work in-between helped me to progress and move forward.

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I used the archive garment to help me with the construction of the jacket. In the end I only used it to create the back yoke and the bottom half of the sleeves. Most of my jacket was designed by draping on the mannequin. I used a total of 5 meters of fabric for my toile!
I was very careful selecting the right final fabric to make the jacket. It needed to be light enough so I could saw the gathers with the sewing machines available. I also wanted it to be shiny so that it looked good when photographed.

Making the jacket was quite difficult but I am happy how it turned out.
In total it took me 4 days to cut out the pattern and sew it all together, not including the lining. In fashion you spend a lot of time in the studio but I enjoy it I feel it is time well spent as I learn from my tutors and other students.

What inspires you creatively?
I am inspired by all is around me. I like to explore London on random trips through the city, adventures during which I eavesdrop on people’s conversations. At home I use Tumblr to find good images. I tend to tumble things I like, often they include photography, art and music … and places I’ve been to.

Your favourite music track?
Thrift shop by Macklemore.  This song is hilarious. I love it; the way it’s making fun of the ‘Shoreditch hipster’…

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View from a Window

Your favourite Website for inspiration? is like online editorial. This is the go to place for artist, designer and inspiration.

What does Fashion mean to you?
To me Fashion is an expression of creativity. The way you dress, how you put together each item can influence or transform your attitude.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I would love to collaborate with a textiles designer, someone who is good with colour and fabric and quite technical. Our work would have to be sympathetic; we would need to have the same perspective.

I would love to collaborate with someone like this to create an affordable yet fashionable sportswear brand. I’ve noticed what a big trend this has become.

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Bianca Saunders

Your ideal internship?
My dream would be to intern for Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. His attention to detail is amazing but his designs remain wearable and look as if they could suit any woman.
At the moment I am looking for a summer internship. It would be great to start as an assistant designer but I think I must be realistic. It may be better to work my way up and gain a variety of experiences.

You wonder…
Should we consider celebrities who start a label, fashion designers if they don’t draw or design?

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