“Blue” by Marie Schuller for Dice Kayek AW14

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“Did we force ourselves on you, or you on us?”


Dice Kayek presented its AW14 collection at Paris Hôtel Le Meurice on Monday, March 3, 2014. This event also premiered “Blue,” the label’s latest collaboration with London-based fashion film maker Marie Schuller.

This rather long fashion film – over 5 minutes – beautifully shows the collection; it also engages and entertains its audience while going a long way in establishing the Dice Kayek brand as both young and aspirational.

Dice Kayek, a label created by sisters Ece and Ayse Ege, is based in Paris and Istanbul. It was awarded the prestigious Jameel Prize in December 2013, for a fashion collection entitled Istanbul Contrast. This collection, soon to tour with the V&A Jameel exhibition, evokes Istanbul’s Ottoman architecture and craft tradition.

With “Blue,” Marie Shuller is playful. Her signature style, rich in references to German Expressionist cinema is clearly present but somehow downplayed. Schuller’s use of light – and shadows – is beautifully subtle. References to Cabaret seem almost imagined. As edginess becomes fun, the film recalls the 90s advertisement films of Mondinot for Jean-Paul Gaultier perfumes. With no clearly stated context and little narrative the film beautifully highlights the qualities of Dice Kayek garments.

Blue Fashion Film Video Marie Schuller Dice Kayek AW14“Blue” features Elena Sudakova and Jenni Rhodes and Valerie Pain, two Grandes Dames of British modelling. All three seem related, especially as they adorn a similar hairstyle: an exaggerated Marcel wave. Elena Sudakova dances throughout the video, convincingly showing the garments in movement. Jenni Rhodes and Valerie Pain seat side by side making throughout the video a few statements that are weaved with the sound track.

This casting which some may think daring, helps underline the relevance of Dice Kayek across generations. It also introduces a streak of humour as Jenni Rhodes asks the question all fashion designers should: “Did we force ourselves on you, or you on us?

DICE KAYEK – Blue FW 2014-15 collection – Film by Marie Schuller from Stationservice on Vimeo.


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