Chandni Patel, 18, East Anglia, UK

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Chandni doesn’t find many interesting things to wear, so she designs them!


Chandni Patel is an 18 Years old British/American. She lives in East Anglia, UK where she is studying Textiles Product Design. You can contact Chandni by email at or via twitter @itschandnipatel.

Chandni, what is the background of the work you submitted?
I made this teal dress for my Product Design course in 2012. The brief for this project was natural forms and shapes. I looked at flowers and the late 70s for inspiration trying to design a fashion forward garment at the time. I began trend forecasting 6 months prior to the making of the garment so that I could get a full overview and make something that was in fashion. I wanted the result to be unique but still wearable. It is also a very personal dress the neckline, colour teal, flowing Chiffon fabric and the embellishments represent my style, combined in a dress. The dress was made with a removable shrug that is made entirely from hand stitched flowers, relating to the natural forms of the brief.

The second creative work I submitted is a photograph that I styled and modelled. It was shot at the beach where I live in the winter of 2012 – which was very cold! – and was made for fun.

There wasn’t a main idea for the shoot: we just figured it out as we went. My friend took the photo and it was edited simply using Instagram filters. The photo was shot in a small sea pool we found at the end of the beach. We used the blue dress to create fluent lines in the water, combining fashion and photography.

Finally I submitted a fashion illustration I did in November 2012. It was done on the go on my iPad, in less than 20 minutes, testing a great app called Paper 53.  The idea came up as I was looking at spring 2013 prom dresses Instagrams. I could not find what I wanted so I designed it. The dress is very playful and party-like, it is a short princess dress style in teal.

Finished Dress

Finished Dress

Playing Ofelia

Playing Ofelia

Teal Dress

Teal Dress

Where does your design inspiration come from?
I grew up speaking 6 languages and have lived in 5 countries so far. I love seeing new places and exploring cultures which feeds my designs.

If I had to mention one person in particular that would be Frida Giannini the Creative Director of Gucci who created an amazing fall 2011 collection. Her work inspires me to create innovative and wearable garment that reflect the past of fashion making its way to present.


What is your favourite film at the moment?
My favourite film right now is James Bond, I love the colours and outfits, which give a real sense of luxury something I find very beautiful in garments, also the film was great.


What is your favourite music track or album?
I love the Ornette – Crazy the Phonique Remix. It has a great vibe with interesting lyrics and it’s a good take on the original song. It always motivates me.


What is your favourite Video?
It is difficult to understand the meaning of couture when someone explains it. It is so easy to misunderstand the value of it. You have to see t to understand.

View from a Window

View from a Window

What blog or website do you use for inspiration?
I find very useful to try an anticipate trends and see what up-coming designers are doing. The net is much faster to deliver information than magazines!

What do you find hot, new or changed in the world today?
The digital age! In my town, in my school, every student my age has an iPad. This technology is trending and I love it. With my ipad I can sketch on the go.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is art and self-identity; you don’t need to speak in order to show your potential. This is what I love the most.

Describe a project you are working on right now?
I am currently working on a series of fashion illustrations for a project I set myself based on evening dresses through the years and how they have evolved and changed. They can be found on my Instagram: @itschandnipatel.

Chandi Patel

Chandi Patel

What would your ideal career be?
Ideally I would love to work as a fashion designer. To get there I must gain experience and knowledge through working with other designers.

Are you looking for an internship?
Yes I am looking for internships at fashion companies/ houses or magazines to gain experience and knowledge on the industry. I am open to positions, feel free to email me.

Is there a question regarding fashion education or the industry you would like to ask our community?
What does make a designer stand out from the crowd? What contribute to their identity?

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