#YourView15 Finalist: Demi Mummaw, 22, Boston MA, USA

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Demi Anne Mummaw

‘The more unusual you are the better.’


22-year-old fashion design graduate Demi Anne Mummaw from Boston, Massachusetts, has based her collection on a conceptual interpretation of 9/11, encapsulating the daily emotional recollection of the tragedy. You can view Demi Anne Mummaw’s website and contact Demi via Twitter or Instagram at @demiautomatics

What is the background of the work you submitted?
I have submitted images of my senior collection that I completed at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My collection is inspired by an unhappy memory and how that memory can be with you every day. I focused specifically on the 9/11 events. I visited the memorial over the summer and saw a man crying. I realised how many people living in New York must have to deal with these memories and emotions every day. I wanted my collection to be powerful and emotional but not literal. Everything is conceptually based.

What materials did you use to portray memory and emotion?
I used velcro strips to relate to tragedies that affect you every day, as painful memories can stick with you. The velcro strips also create a utilitarian feel to the garments. This I also represent with the reflective strips and overwhelming silhouettes. This is inspired by the rescue worker’s uniforms.

I developed my own print on white denim by screen printing, block printing, and spray painting. The print is used to emphasise the dark, ashy and smoky atmosphere the firemen experienced upon entering the buildings. I developed twenty yards of this printed denim. To portray the vulnerability of such emotion, I also designed two hand-knit sweaters. All my pieces have windows that open up or pieces that can be interchanged with each other.

What inspires you creatively?
I work mostly with concepts. I think of an emotion or idea and focus on what makes that emotion a strong one. For instance, I did a collection that was inspired by trains. But instead of just looking at pictures of trains, I started to look at who was riding the trains. I asked myself ‘where do the trains go? What would people want to wear on a train?’

Demi Anne Mummaw Demi Anne Mummaw Demi Anne Mummaw

Demi Anne Mummaw

What is your favourite film of all time?
I love the ‘Italian Job’. The female character is just so badass.

What is your favourite music album right now?
‘1989’ by Taylor Swift. I don’t know why but that was the only album I listened to whilst making my senior collection.

What is your favourite on-line Video?
I like to watch music videos, like the one ‘Confident’. My guy friends introduced me to it. They tried to do Justin Bieber’s dance moves…

What is your favourite website for inspiration?
Tumblr. Mainly my friend’s profiles, like ‘Just a Little Peanut’, ‘Down in the Valley’ and ‘zcygan20’. I find it interesting to see what they are into at the moment.

Demi Anne Mummaw

Demi Anne Mummaw’s View

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
I just moved to Boston in Massachusetts for a job with Reebok. I am learning that there’s not a lot of fashion here compared to Savannah. Or maybe I just haven’t hit the right spots yet!

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion means wearing whatever you want. I’ve always done that and I always will. I got a lot of criticism over my collection because it was either “too out there” or “too weird”. But if I made a collection that you could buy in stores, people would ask “but what did you do different?” The more unusual you are the better. Three people can buy the same sweater but all wear it differently based on personal style. That’s fashion.

What would be your ideal Fashion Project?
I dream of working in a warehouse in Brooklyn with my best friends from SCAD and simply create things. We all have our own sense of aesthetic so when we brainstorm it can produce magic. I would collaborate with textile artists or maybe industrial designers. I want to bring a fresh perspective to my work and receive feedback on how it could go to the next level.

How do you imagine your future?
I imagine it in that warehouse. I want to have my own brand. I want to be surrounded by creative people who have as much passion, drive and ambition as I have.

Demi Anne Mummaw

Demi Anne Mummaw

What would be your ideal internship?
I think I just nailed my ideal internship, working at Reebok. I was persistent for several months until they gave me a second interview. I am eager to start and passionate about working there.

You wonder…
I wonder if the fashion department at SCAD will ever get the recognition it deserves. Its fashion students make everything you see. My entire collection was made with my own hands, as with everyone in my class. We don’t out source. We don’t send it off to be patterned. We develop everything from the sketch, to the patterns and then sew the garments together ourselves. It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished.

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