Egor Galizdra, 24, Omsk, Russia

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Egor Galizdra, 24, Omsk


Egor Galizdra, 24, OmskEgor Galizdra is a BA Fashion Design student in Omsk, Russia due to graduate in 2015. Egor’s work has been featured previously during Modeconnect’s coverage of Omsk. You can connect with Egor via Instagram @galizdra, Pinterest @galizdra and tumblr.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
My school has a strong education program, not only in design, but in social sciences and humanities too. It take place over 6 years. I’m finishing now finishing my 5-th year which was divided into two semesters working each time with one theme carried through three projects. The third project was to create a garment to answer the given theme:“mystery”.

Processed with MoldivI explored this through fine and contemporary art: a sense of mystery is what distinguishes a true work of art. The mystery is reflected through the aura of the subject. This theme interested me so I continued to explore it in my own menswear collection. The collection is not a project for my course. Despite the lack of time, many of the students try to make collections in parallel to the study process. Our tutors are always ready to help!

I wanted to make a luxury collection with strong art connections. I was inspired partially by the nineteenth-century Russian painter Pavel Fedotov, as well as ultra-contemporary artists, Steffen Bunte and Jennifer Mehigan.

Fedotov’s aristocratic characters and his attention to interior details interest me, as do Bunte and Mehigan’s exceptional use of texture, color and spacing. This great contrast led to my bold mixing of past and present, creating a collection that paired retro-look jacquard jackets with evening gowns and a key look of wide jeans and a laser-cut PVC raincoat with XIX-century inspirations.

What inspires you creatively?
I love Tumblr; I follow about a thousand blogs.
Art and graphic design are my main creative sources, especially architecture from the beginning on the 20th century.

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Your favourite film of all times?
I don’t particularly like cinema.

Your favourite music track or album right now?
It’s a similar story with music- I don’t have any favorites. But I am always listening to something different. Today for example, it was George Michael who helped me wake up!


Your favourite on-line Video
This video made my day. It’s short and meaningful It’s very funny too.

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
It’s clean, strange and versatile. .

A View from Egor Galizdra Window

A View from Egor Galizdra Window

What is hot or new in the world or where you live?
I want to think that I live in the same world as everybody else. I mean, social media erased borders, so geography is not a restriction. I want to believe in it, but in my country, something strange is happening in politics.

What does Fashion mean to you?
For me fashion is a form of communication, a universal language.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
My ideal fashion project would be combining garments with art and science. I’m interested in new technologies and I love the symbolic values of contemporary art. I think a multicomponent project would have its own visual language and rules, requiring a partnership and co-creation of like-minded people.

Egor Galizdra, 24, Omsk, Russia portrait300How do you imagine your future?
I live in Russia where the fashion industry is only just beginning. The dream is to create my own label but I know how hard it will be. I know I want to try a lot of things.

Your ideal internship?

My ideal internship would be somewhere where I could learn about fashion from a business perspective: seeing all aspects of production, from sketches to retail. I’m currently working with a small, Russian brand named Walk Of Shame – I am learning a lot!



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