Emily Roberts, 20, Nottingham, UK

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A Fashion Student inspired by Salvador Dali and  Rorschach test inkblots

Emily Roberts is a 20 years old, first year Fashion BA student in Nottingham. Before studying fashion she did a GCSE textiles, a BTEC in Art and Design, A levels in Photography and Textiles and an Art Foundation. You can contact Emily at emilyhannahroberts@gmail.com or via twitter @embobs_

Emilly_Roberts_Collage_YourView-02Emily what is the background of the work you submitted?
This work is the result of my first university project; it is inspired by the surrealist art movement. The first collage I did  (Right-side image) was inspired by a Salvador Dali’s piece ‘Face of Mae West’. I took different pieces of clothing and fabrics from magazines and created mismatched surreal silhouettes.

The second collage ( Image above) draws on the inkblots images of Rorschach test used in psychology. After some experimentation I added floral heads also inspired by Dali’s paintings.
A Tim Walker exhibition in London left me with idea of exaggerated scale and childlike details and inspired the drawing I submitted. I will be creating these designs in fabric latter in the year.




What inspires you creatively?
Before starting my BA training I did an Art and Design foundation course and I am still inspired by the art world at large, by photographers, fine artists, textiles designers as well as fashion designers. Alexander McQueen remains an inspiration, the way he interpreted and used light, beauty and femininity. I find his work very romantic.

Your favourite film?
At the moment is ‘Midnight in Paris’ inspired by a nostalgia for Paris in the 20s; my two favourite things! I imagine the 20s as a golden age and at that time, with artists such as Dali, Fitzgerald, Man Ray and Hemingway Paris was the creative centre of the world. I went to Paris last summer, now every time I watch this film, I picture myself walking down the Seine or strolling around the Louvre!

Your favourite Video on line?
This is fun: Sophia Grace and Rosie singing with Nikki Minaj on Ellen. They are the cutest little girls from Essex and you can’t help but love them. Whenever I’m feeling a little sad I watch this video to cheer me up.

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
My favourite blogs are the ones run by Vogue. Along with their magazines (I have a stack reaching ceiling) I like to keep up to date with Vogue online, especially their blogs page with contributors such as David Downton and Richard Nicoll. For me Vogue will always be a go to for inspiration, it is always be up to date and current with news and trends.

A view from a window

A View from Emily’s window

What is hot or new in the world or where you live?
Somehow everyone I know down to my pattern cutting tutor and the head of my course is obsessed with the onesie. Even the trendiest of people are succumbing to the power of the all in one. Not everyone agrees of course and some see the onesie destroying fashion and representing us as a nation of slobs. But where is these people’s sense of humour? How can you resist pulling on your favourite fleecy baby-grow complete with bear ears and feet? But don’t be mistaken, they are a loungewear staple! To be worn indoors! They are never to be worn in public unless you’re attending a fancy dress party.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion to everyone is self-expression, a way to show your individual self to the world. I use fashion as a creative outlet, a way for me to express thoughts, ideas and feelings. I don’t like to think of fashion in the sense of trends and fads, I see fashion as an art.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
One of my favourite books has always been Alice in Wonderland, so ultimately I would love to create a collection based on Alice and the madness within wonderland. Within my current project I am touching on childhood and dream themes, but I would love to have the opportunity to take it to the extreme. I would love to create a whole set with romantic and extravagant motifs and props, and garments looking as though they had stepped straight from a fairy-tale book of your childhood.

How do you imagine your professional future?
I’m unsure as to which part of the industry I want to work in. I love to design and create garments as well as to produce editorial work and art direct. I’m only on the first year of my 3 years degree so I have time to decide.
Of course it also depends on the opportunities I can get throughout future internships and work experience.

Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts

Your ideal internship?
I understand that a degree isn’t enough anymore, work experience is necessary and I am obsessively checking twitter to see what internships are available. Ideally I would love to intern for a magazine, some of my favourites being of course Vogue, Love, i-;D and Another. I love to write, photograph, style and I believe I have an eye for layout and presentation. On the other hand I would love to intern for a brand such as McQueen or Valentino because of their beautiful feminine detailing and silhouette. I aim high! I would love to be taught couture techniques by some of the best in the industry as I am obsessed with embellishment and beads!

You wonder…
Today all major designers seem to come from the University of the Arts London: Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Stella McCartney and Matthew Williamson. But there are many talented people on my course and I am certain that smaller, less respected universities can produce great talents. How can we ensure that fashion talent be rewarded no matter the place of study?

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