Flipboard 2.0 is Flipping Awesome

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Flipping may well be the next big thing in Social Media


We are happy at Modeconnect to shout out our love for Flipboard. For one thing it makes our Tweets stream look awesome. Come on have a go, take a look, you’ll love it!

Flipboard of course, is the phone and tablet app that had us happily flipping our screens for a few years now. It has long been celebrated for the way it displays digital content. Simply put, Flipboard is a social-network aggregator that cleverly handles any content thrown its way by the likes of Google+, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Easy and intuitive to use the app seems to have an intuition of its own where beautiful layouts are concerned.

On March 26 2013, Flipboard announced it was releasing its biggest overhauls to date, the result of 18 months work. Flipboard 2.0 CEO Mike McCue explained “It’s the largest thing we have ever done”.

A while ago, Flipboard found its business model weakening as some digital publishers’ became unwillingness to share advertising revenue with the app. A few started limiting Flipboard access to their content. A new impulse had to be found; quite naturally it went towards increased social connectivity and individual ability to curate content, effectively transforming users into editors. Those changes are potentially game changing: instead of advertisers having to identify and secure suitable editorial spaces, they can now organise content around their promotional message. With the release of its new version, Flipboard also announced it was partnering with Etsy. Flipboard 2.0 allows readers to browse and directly shop Etsy. We are curious to see how Etsiers make use of Flipboard content curation abilities. Future will tell, but the timing of Flipboard 2.0 release could not have been better as Google recently announced the withdrawal of its Reader and news aggregations on the edge of big changes.

Flipboard users are now able to curate their own public and private Flipboard “magazines” finding content in their social media stream or adding directly from the web through a bookmarklet to be found at share.flipboard.com. Our Twitter stream does look beautiful on Flipboard and we are considering creating more specialised “magazines”, maybe along the line of our Pinboards. What about a Flipboard version of our Daily Fashion News Pinterest Board for example?

Here is short list of some further features of Flipboard 2.0. Mike McCue explains them in greater details in the Video below.
–       A new, visual Content Guide listing the “magazines” created by other users.
–       The possibility of commenting and drawing in other Flipboard users with @mentions.
–       Recommended Reading.
–       Subsections in partner “magazines”, newspapers and websites.
–       Fast section switching.
–       Optional Facebook Open Graph integration, bringing Flipboard activity to Facebook.

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