#YourView15 Finalist: Francesca Scott, 21, York, UK

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Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

‘You can have fun and look fabulous at any age and with any amount of money’


Francesca Scott, the 21-year-old York-based graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, opts for bigger and brighter styling in her fight against ageism in the fashion industry. You can contact Francesca at francesca@francescascottstyling.com or visit Francesca’s website to view her work.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
I have submitted images from my final project completed at the University of Central Lancashire. It had an open brief. I was inspired by Ari Seth Cohen’s fashion blog and documentary ‘Advanced Style’ which show the individual (and sometimes eccentric) outfits of New York women over the age of 50. I want to show diversity in my image production because I feel it is lacking in fashion, especially when it comes to portraying women of a certain age.

I took inspiration from the women featured on Cohen’s blog and trends from the A/W 2015 collections and sourced the majority of the outfits from vintage and charity shops. I want to show that you can have fun and look fabulous at any age and with any amount of money. My model Lady Hev proves that!

What inspires you creatively?
Apart from fashion, art is the main inspiration for my work. I love modern art and go to the Tate whenever I get a chance! MoMA in New York was amazingly inspirational for me. I could spend all day in there. I have recently discovered an Instagram account of a creative director and photographer Haqi Cahya and have completely fallen in love! His use of bright, block colours and interesting compositions make him my favourite account right now.

Logo for v Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

What is your favourite film of all time?
My favourite film is ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ by Wes Anderson, partly because of the enchanting storyline and characters, but also because of the amazing colour palette and set design throughout.


What is your favourite music track or album right now?
Anything by The Hollies! I find their music so uplifting and the Sixties has always been my favourite era for music.

What is your favourite on-line Video?
‘X’ by Coco de Mer is my favourite short film at the moment. Fashion and sex coincide consistenly, and this film puts that across perfectly. You notice something new every time you watch it.

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
I love looking at small fashion magazine blogs such as Material Girl, Bricks and Old Tat. As they are still in start-up mode, they accept submissions from new talent. Students still at University, those who have just graduated like me, or anyone at the start of their career can see their work published. I love the originality of the work featured on these blogs and websites.

Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

Francesca’s View

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
Gay marriage has recently become legal in all 50 states in America. This is long overdue and such a monumental event to happen. It will massively affect the fashion industry in months to come.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is subjective and completely unique to every individual. For me, fashion is fast moving, beautiful, bold, sometimes ridiculous or ugly but always fun and quirky. It is never boring.

Your ideal Fashion Project
Colourful, opulent, over the top and fun. I love to collaborate, but only with like-minded people who don’t take themselves or fashion too seriously. They should be completely open-minded because that is when you get the best results.

How do you imagine your future?
I imagine myself as a stylist for a magazine such as LOVE or Hunger, or as an in-house stylist for a designer brand.

Logo for fashion student Francesca Scott

Francesca Scott

Your ideal internship
Right now I would love to work on an e-Commerce stylist internship or an internship at a fashion magazine. Both positions would provide such a wide range of experiences and it would allow me to truly immerse myself in the fashion environment.

You wonder…
When almost every job requires previous experience, how are you supposed to gain the relevant experience in the first place? Also when do you think – if ever – will we see more age diversity in fashion?

What do you think? Why not tell us in the comment section below.

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Written by Sophie Soar

Sophie Soar

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