#YourView15 Finalist: Gemma Felberg, 22, London, UK

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Logo for fashion student – Gemma Felberg

Experimenting with Boundaries of Function and Expression


22-year-old fashion design graduate Gemma Felberg recently completed her final collection for Manchester School of Art, experimenting with the boundaries of function and expression of fashion through investigating personal attachments to possessions. To uncover her collection, visit Gemma Felberg’s page on artsthread.com or visit her twitter account at @gemello_93.


What is the background of the work you submitted?

My final graduate collection is inspired by our attachment to un-wearable belongings; the possessions we hoard and collect. Throughout the year I developed different textiles, fabrics and knit techniques, deconstructing these objects. I adapted the objects into fabrics which could then been fashioned into garments.

I developed a narrative through my research, samples and designs with the aim to create a dynamic collection that illustrates the story of entrapment and how we develop close relationships with the things that surround us.


What inspires you creatively?

I never have one singular idea that inspires me. I will go through many stages of research whilst developing ideas and that can change completely through the creative process.

I enjoy developing a narrative for my designs; providing a story and having a muse behind the concept helps me develop my garments further. I ask myself ‘who is this woman? Why would she wear these clothes? What do they mean to her?’


Logo for fashion student – Gemma Felberg

Photography by Narita Savoor

Logo for fashion student – Gemma Felberg

Photography by Narita Savoor

Logo for fashion student – Gemma Felberg

What is your favourite film of all time?
Baz Lurhman’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I love his cinematic style! His mix of classic Shakespeare with a contemporary setting is fascinating and he creates this surreal world that I find captivating.

What is your favourite music track or album right now?
I love Florence and the Machine’s new album ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’. I find her voice incredibly powerful and her music very moving.

What is your favourite on-line Video?
Walter Van Beirendonck’s ‘Walter @ Work’ is a brilliant insight into the creative process. It is really interesting to see how other designers are inspired and experiencing the design process through their eyes.

What is your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
I always find myself on the online architecture and design magazine Dezeen. I really like how it features artists in a variety of art disciplines; it’s a great way to see what new talent is out there, whilst providing the stories behind different creations.

Gemma Fulberg's View

Gemma Felberg’s View

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
Living so close to Central London there is always something exciting going on, new trends to see or exhibitions to visit. I’m excited for so many events this summer like the Summer Screen at Somerset House and the Wimbledon Tennis.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is a means of creative expression; an outlet to interpret my ideas into something tangible. I like having the opportunity to bring my designs to life and have use to others. When I see my ideas transform from drawings on a page to the physical garments, it is incredible.

What would be your ideal Fashion Project?
I would love to do a collaborative project creating an interactive collection. I love connecting with the audience; an element I’d love to pursue further. It is important to push the boundaries of what fashion can be and how it can be experienced, creating an interactive space where the garments could be experienced in more ways than just on a runway. That would be a really fun project.

How do you imagine your future?
Now I have graduated, it’s hard to know where I will end up. The fashion industry has so many different opportunities that it’s hard to have one set path. I’d love to work abroad for a few years in Amsterdam or somewhere in America. It’s important to be open to change and to be willing to put yourself out there.

Gemma Fulberg

Gemma Felberg

What would be your ideal internship?
I’d love to work for a couture fashion house like Comme Des Garçons or Viktor and Rolf. I admire their innovative and expressive interpretation of fashion. The opportunity to experience their creative process first-hand, working in that environment, would be great.

You wonder…
What is the future of the fashion industry? How can students financially support themselves at university with material costs ever increasing? Does talent slip through the gaps because of insufficient funds and the burden of debts?

What do you think? Why not tell us in the comment section below.

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Written by Sophie Soar

Sophie Soar

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