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Every year Modeconnect takes on a mammoth task: covering Graduate Fashion Week. This unique event in the world of fashion presents the work of over 1000 fashion graduates from across the UK.


UK Fashion Education

The United Kingdom’s fashion education system is unique in many respects. A network of more than 95 universities and colleges delivers a wide range of fashion degrees with varying specialities, from design to marketing. Admission to those courses is centrally administrated and processed by UCAS, an organisation also responsible to advise students in their choice of studies. The UK is considered a thought leader in terms of fashion teaching methods, producing dynamic and creative fashion professionals. Central Saints Martin has gained a worldwide reputation in this respect, however other universities across the country offer different approaches to fashion. This rich fabric makes finding the right fashion school and the right fashion course all the more difficult.

Graduate Fashion Week

Every year, for almost 25 years, Graduate Fashion Week – also known as GFW – has provided a singular location for the country’s best fashion students to showcase their work, allowing them to gain exposure and establish contacts with potential employers. GFW is also the occasion for younger students to investigate what courses the participating universities offer. Read for example Alix Rossetto’s report on her experience at GFW 2012, then a 14-year-old school student passionate about fashion design and a prospective fashion student.

New Designers

Similar to Graduate Fashion Week, at the end of June, New Designers is the UK’s most important creative graduate exhibition. Held in Islington, every year it showcases over 3,000 newly graduated designers representing nine creative fields. Work contributed included ceramics, jewellery, furniture as well as visuals and spatial design. Like Graduate Fashion Week it offers the opportunity to see what directions fashion industries may be about to take.