Gucci’s Bright Diamante vs. AMFI’s fashion film

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 Inspiration of Foretelling, Gucci vs. AMFI’s fashion films


Gucci’s new advertising campaign is all about playing with colour, making use of doubling and the idea of doppelgängers to present their new Bright Diamante accessories collection. The name of the collection originates from the Gucci Diamanté pattern created in the mid-1930s. It was woven onto hemp material which was then used by Gucci on luggage during the pre-war period as an alternative to leather which was in short supply. As Gucci’s reputation grew, the pattern became the first icon of the Florentine atelier. The criss-cross design was a precursor to the famous interlocked double G of the brand’s logo.

We couldn’t help but be struck by the similarities between the new clip and the work of AMFI student Sannah Harmann. Created as a group project and submitted as part of our 2013 VideoView feature, “The Colour of Envy”fashion film explores the concept of mirroring through spectrum opposites yellow and purple. Sannah’s work deals with ideas of desire and jealousy in fashion. The video she directed illustrates the comfort and security that the fashion follower gains from copying and questions whether the act of imitation strangles creativity. Gucci’s video shares Sannah’s aesthetic, with its new brightly coloured accessory designs exchanging hands to create colour clashes as contrasting turquoises, mustard yellows and hot pinks mix and mismatch. The doubling here however is a nod to the brand’s iconic motif of interlocking Gs. Unlike Sannah’s video, the Gucci Bright Diamanté clip was created for promotional purposes, and so focuses more on the product and less on the narrative.



Fashion films are an important medium for designers to showcase their designs in dynamic and creative ways. At the latest British Council International Fashion Showcase, director Marie Schuller of Showstudioexplained how today videos are relatively cheap and technically easy to create so the value of the fashion film is in the idea. We always felt that The Colour of Envy” was an excellent film. Whether it anticipated Gucci “Bright Diamante” or was used for inspiration is a testament to the excellent work carried out by Sannah Harmann and her fellow students. And shows just how much the digital age has democratised the exchange of ideas.

We’re excited that the concept of The Colour of Envy”will receive such a wide audience and can only conclude that good ideas always go far.