Helen Ha, Brisbane, Australia

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Helen Ha Fashion Student YourView Competition Caged CollectionHelen Ha is a 20 year old fashion student from Brisbane in Australia’s Queensland. She will graduate this year with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion design and Technology, a two years full time course. You can contact Helen at helentuyetha@gmail.com or via twitter at @helenhavo and see the rest of her portfolio on Facebook.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
These images are from my A/W 2012 Caged collection created during my first year of study and showcased at the end of that last year. My course requires that during the first year we create a mini collection of 4 outfits showcasing our design abilities and the skills learnt during the year. My work usually tells dark stories, I find the best stories are the dark ones. The concept of Caged is dark. Caged is inspired by an emotional and psychological experience, by feelings of depression and great unhappiness. The collection portrays the effects of being restricted and constrained by those emotions, by those feelings experienced by someone who has suffered psychologically.

Helen Ha  Fashion Student YourView competition Caged CollectionOne of the starting points of this collection is inkblots. They inspired a fabric print around which the collection is built. I used garments as tools to convey emotions, the outfits of Caged are not usual apparel pieces.

What inspires you creatively?
Surrealism photography inspires me to be creative. The sense of something dark and obscure caught on film gives me the urge to create.

Helen Ha Fashion Student YourView Competition blot print

Your favourite film?
My favourite film at the moment is ‘We need to talk about Kevin’. It’s a gripping psychological thriller that explores the relationship between a mother and her strange son. I love the cinematic effects and how the storyline uses flashbacks to tell the present story. The suspense is intense.

Your favourite music track or album?
Despite the fact that he has fallen out of the public favour, I am still a big fan of Kanye West and the song Mercy. I’m a big rap music lover and I like to think this music brings out my alter ego.

Your favourite Video on line?
This video of Jay-Z and Kanye West is the epitome of badass. The kaleidoscopes effects are great. They draw out so much creativity that it gets addictive to watch. BEWARE – if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy though, this video is known to provoke seizure.


Helen Ha View Fashion Student YourView Competition

A view of Helens Window

Your favourite website for inspiration
Lookbook.nu is a great website source to get inspiration as it shows upfront the current trends and what people actually want to wear.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is a creative platform where I can express my inner creativity without any boundaries or limitations.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I would love to collaborate with print artists and create garments based on either their prints or artworks.

How do you imagine your future?
I imagine myself living and working in a studio apartment filled with fabrics, desks covered with designs and empty cups of coffee.



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