House of Flora AW13 by Marie Schuller

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Created by Flora McLean in 1996, after she graduated from the Royal College of Art in womenswear design, House of Flora is famous for its extrovert and innovative headwear. The brand, featured on the cover of a variety of publications including French Vogue, The Face and Rubbish magazine, has been worn and modelled by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Beyoncé. It now shows twice a year both at London and Paris Fashion Week.


Regularly collaborating with Haute Couture and ready to wear designers such as Givenchy, House of Flora knows exactly what they are about. Their designs look more like art pieces than traditional accessories. House of Flora has made a name for itself by creating beautiful, boundary pushing hats, jewellery and glasses, using leather, wood, aluminium and steel to name but a few materials.

To present its AW13 collection, House of Flora collaborated with pioneering fashion website SHOWstudio. Marie Schuller, Marlon Rueberg and Neus Olle team up to create a distinctive fashion film in sympathy with the uniqueness of the brand and reflective of the zeitgeist.


Marie Schuller is known to follow a theme of raw and unnerving imagery, a style she used for example, in a video called OYSTER featuring a naked Anita de Bauch which investigated themes around exhibitionism. For this latest project, Schuller used the help of co-directors Marlon Rueberg, who in addition to his contribution to SHOWstudio has famously worked on films for Alexander McQueen, and cinematographer Neus Olle who helped direct the photography. The film the trio created showcase both genders head gear worn indistinctly by men and women while dramatically telling the story of a feared cataclysm.


At first glance the models are seen as if running frantically, dark clouds gathering behind them creating the sense of a post-apocalyptic era. Screams from both the men and women, coinciding with the dramatic subject of the film are more seen than heard. Head to shoulder shots help focus on the products themselves while creating visually strong imagery that the audience will remember. While the provenance of the garments is unknown, all hats, jewellery and the claw-like nail extensions are designed and made by the Fashion house.


You will notice if you look further into it, that the film also carries a subliminal message. If you do not pay attention you may miss out the faces of famous people that flash at regular intervals; their identity often difficult to make out. Eventually you recognize politicians and popular culture celebrities. The choice of a rather slow music creates and underlines a sense of suspense. Is the models anger and scream directed at those celebrities? Is the film implying that we to should be angry at them and why? Marie Schuller and co cleverly includes a deeper meaning to the film that allows room for individual interpretation.



Director: Marie Schuller
Art Director: Marlon Rueberg
Photography Director: Neus Olle
Website: SHOWStudio
Designer: Flora McLean
Label: House of Flora

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