Ivan Vos, 19, Cape Town, South Africa

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Ivan Vos, 19 lives in Cape Town, South Africa. He is studying the second year of a 3 year Fashion Design Diploma. You can contact Ivan Vos via twitter at @McQueeny_IV and visit his portfolio on Deviant Art.

Ivan Vos Fashion Student South Africa Swatch Board 150x300What is the background of the work you submitted?
This lingerie project led to an exploration of the notion of beauty and the idea that something aesthetically pleasing can also be seen as grotesque. The objective of this course project was to create 8 lingerie designs, 4 corselets and 4 nightgowns. I took inspiration from bizarre beauty, dark imagery and Punk subculture. I was also influenced by garment construction shown in late 18th century French fashion. The theme of ‘Rococo Punk’ remained consistent in each design.

I did this project in the space of two weeks in April 2013, using the first 2 days to do the mood board and the remainder of the time to do the designs and illustrations.

What inspires you creatively?
My main influence comes from the work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen. I identify with his design aesthetic of characters and stories created for his runway shows. Like him I aim to design armours for women to wear and feel strong and powerful in.

Ivan Vos Fashion Student South AfricaMoodboard Mood Board

Your favourite film of all times?
The idea developed in Black Swan that a quest for perfection can bring about your own demise, that you can become your own worst enemy, really intrigued me as both a designer and artist.

Your favourite music track or album?
‘I Am The Best’ by 2NE1. I’ve become infatuated with Korean pop music, its hyper-visual music videos and intense choreographed dance routines.

Your favourite Video on line?
‘Losing You’ by Solange. I love that a mainstream American singer highlights the eclectic fashion of South African townships and I hope this brings South African fashion to a global audience.

A view from Ivan's window

A view from Ivan’s window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
Definitely DeviantArt. The level of creativity and talent from different art and design disciplines simply astounds me and inspires me to push my creative limits.

What is hot or new where you live?
I don’t really keep track of the latest trends, but South Africa seems to be catching on to the European trend of wearing one colour from head to toe. It seems to be a new twist on 80’s power-dressing.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is an outward expression of an inner persona. What you choose to put on and wear can define your mood and who or what you want to be in that moment.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I mostly work by myself, but working as part of a group collaboration with designers who share my anti-establishment ideas could be great. The idea of staging a fashion show featuring garments from worldwide designers and producing a fashion documentary of sorts from this is also very appealing to me.

How do you imagine your future?
Of course I simply want to take the fashion world by storm and shake things up a little, much like Alexander McQueen or Viktor & Rolf or Thierry Mugler did.

Ivan Vos

Ivan Vos

Your ideal internship?
Ideally, I’d like to gain an internship with a major fashion retail company to experience the day-to-day work. Another part of me would like to do costume design for theatre productions.

You wonder…
I feel like fashion designers don’t receive enough financial support to launch their own labels. The fashion industry makes a significant contribution to the economy, so why do governments not backing designers more?
Also, is fashion illustration often overlooked as a valid form of art? Why is it?


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