Kerry Crone, 22, Liverpool, UK

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Kerry Crone is a 22 years old fashion student from Liverpool in the UK. She is studying the final year of a 3 years Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. You can contact Kerry Crone at or via twitter at @Kerry_Crone


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Design Board

What is the background of the work you submitted?
I did this project ‘Time for Tea’ last year, in my second year at university. I chose to design an outerwear garment for Autumn/Winter 2013. The inspiration was old English gardens and tea parties. I collected material from the British Museum and Speke Hall, taking photographs and sketching from the gardens and tea sets. I also looked at photographer Tim Walkers China White (Vogue UK March 2010) and Mechanical Dolls (Vogue Italia October 2011) photoshoot. One of the image I submitted is of my concept. The others one are of my final garment and alternative designs

What inspires you creatively?
Many different things, I like strong structures (architecture, the human form) but also travel and fantasy. As far as Designers and Photographers are concerned, I find Mary Katrantzou, Alexander McQueen, Iris Van Herpen, Tim Walker and Nick Knight inspiring.

Van Herpen use of unusual fabrics and 3D printing result in fascinating structure and textures; looking at her collections is like being transported into a different world.

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Your favourite film?
The first three Indiana Jones movies; they share a sense of adventure, exploration and discovery which I find exciting.

Your favourite music track?
This is really hard; I love lots of different types of music. If I have to pick one it would be Twelves Remix of I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you from Black Kids‘ album Wizard of Ahhhs. I really like this track, it’s fun and always lifts my  spirits.

Your favourite Video on line?
DVF through glass is an insight into fashion week – or rather the DVF Spring 2013 presentation at New York Fashion Week – from the point of view of the designer, models and stylists through the use of google glasses. I think it does capture the moment and is really cool being able to see things from their perspective.


Your favourite website for inspiration?
WGSN’s tumblr is a good place for inspiration; it features quirky and current fashion, prints, graphics etc. I like keeping up to date with emerging trends and news and also look at magazines such as Garage, Tomorrows Journal, I-D and many more. – I have far too many!

A View From Kerry's Window

A View From Kerry’s Window

What is new in the world?
I think we are finally aware of the damage we cause to our environment, whether it is global warming or waste. Designers start taking it into account in the way they design.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is self-expression, a way to show yourself as an individual to others, a mean to express your personality, thoughts and feelings. Fashion is for everyone.

Your ideal Fashion Project?
I like working with anyone who is enthusiastic about being creative.
I would really like to work on a project that combines fashion and science using new materials whilst keeping it environmentally friendly.

Your ideal internship or job?
As I am in my final year I am looking for a job, if not an internship as I would like to carry on building my experience in the fashion industry.
After my first year of university I carried out a summer placement working for Mary Katrantzou on her Spring/ Summer 2013 collection. I really enjoyed it; I loved the creative environment of the design studio and getting involved with different tasks.

Kerry Crone

Kerry Crone

Now I would like to work towards the position of a junior womenswear designer. I would love to work for Iris van Herpen or Alexander McQueen because of their unique and elegant silhouette but I think I would enjoy working for either a high street or high fashion label.

You wonder…
Experience is often demanded in the fashion industry, so how difficult is it to get your first paid job? Any tips on the best way to go about it?


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