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Del Boy Trotter meets Grace Jones

This photo-shoot, the first in Modeconnect’s Folio, features Fortuna, Laundrette Superstars main character. Credits for its creation go to: Magda Durka for Costume, Fashion, Styling & Hair; Fortuna Burke as Model cum Performer; Lauren Becki Rowlands for the Photography and Christina Rae for Make-Up.

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Laundrette Superstar Fortuna Burke Magda Durka

Laundrette Superstar Fortuna Burke Magda Durka

Laundrette Superstar Fortuna Burke Magda Durka

Laundrette Superstar Fortuna Burke Magda Durka

Laundrette Superstar Fortuna Burke Magda Durka

Developed with the guidance of Bryony Kimmings at Battersea Arts Centre, Laundrette Superstar is a musical comedy with critical acclaim and 2013 sold-out performances at the London Etcetera and Tea House Theatres.

Laundrette Superstar is also a team: Robin Gething, director & tech expert; Fortuna Burke, writer, producer and performer and Magda Durka, the fashion and textiles designer who created Fortuna’s costumes.

Fortuna, the comedy main character, is a self-proclaimed synthpop superstar who works part-time in a laundrette and lives in her Grandma’s basement. Her outfits, styling, hair and make-up contribute to define her character. Fortuna style has been described as Del Boy Trotter meets Grace Jones; it references 80’s pop culture and offers a comical take on 80’s power dressing.

Magda used bright, vivid colours, to match Fortuna’s devil-may-care attitude whilst creating a ludicrous contrast to the mundane, grey world of the laundrette.

She also chose and designed accessories to compliment Fortuna’s personality: a larger than life, free spirited teenager with a playful fashion-forward style. The red and black synthesizer in particular – a limited edition MicroKORG XL by Korg – is very much a part of Fortuna’s attire.

Laundrette Superstar plays in London, at the Space on January 23, 26 & 31, 2014 and at the Chelsea Theatre on February 20 & 21, 2014.

The first episode of a Series: Verandah is also available on YouTube. Check how Fortuna’s costume moves.


Fashion/Styling/Hair: Magda Durka
Model/Performer: Fortuna Burke
Photography: Lauren Becki Rowlands
Make-Up Artist: Christina Rae



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