#YourView15 Finalist: Laurensia Salim, 19, Singapore

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 Laurensia Salim

‘It’s fun to discover what I am capable of’


Laurensia Salim is a 19-year-old Indonesian fashion design graduate. She studied at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. Within her final collection, Laurensia refuses the boundaries of structure, conventional materials and the limitations of measurement. You can contact Laurensia Salim at laurensiasalim@gmail.com and view Laurensia’s profile on Artsthread.

What is the background of the work you submitted?
I have submitted images from my graduate collection. The inspiration came through Jacques Derrida’s theory of deconstruction, which challenges the idea of fixed structures by removing the structure or centre. In design, deconstruction removes any limit or reference of measurement. There is no right or wrong, ugly or beautiful. It is uncertain. This encouraged me to research unconventional material for my garments, like car lining fabric, industrial plastic, and cable ties. I plan to further refine this selection of materials however and take into consideration the weight of the garments!

What inspires you creatively?
I like the work of Raf Simons for Dior, the bold prints of Anton Belinskiy and the innovative designs of Walter van Beirendonck. Music and people also inspire me, whether famous or just the people around me. I like change and experiencing new things. I also inspire myself a lot! I still don’t know myself, and it’s fun to discover what I am capable of, interested in and how much I change throughout the years.


Laurensia Salim Laurensia Salim

fashion student – Laurensia Salim

What is your favourite film of all time?
Currently I really like ‘PK’. It is a new Bollywood movie about an alien who is looking for God. It’s really easy to understand, funny and gives good moral value.

What is your favourite music track or album right now?
‘Ends of the Earth’ by Lord Huron from the album ‘Lonesome Dream’. This is my favourite track, but the entire album is also my favourite album.

What is your favourite on-line Video?
The music video for Alice Phoebe Lou’s ‘Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind’. I love the mood that Alice and her dad created in this video; it is ethereal and youthful. Her dad filmed it and I think I have played it more than 20 times.

What is your favourite on-line source for inspiration?
I like finding designers’ interviews, because I can learn from their different points of view. As I am growing in this industry, it is important to learn from those already in it! I like to learn how they get certain ideas.

 Laurensia Salim's View

Laurensia Salim’s View

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
Internet cat videos!

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion is something I love and hate at the same time.

What would be your ideal Fashion Project?
Working for Bjork and creating her stage costumes would be really great.

How do you imagine your future?
I hope to finish my masters and work in an internship. I can’t imagine much further than that just yet!

fashion student – Laurensia Salim

Laurensia Salim

What would be your ideal internship?
Raf Simons! Whether his own brand or Dior, I would be more than happy to work for him.

You wonder…
Why is the Internet so useful and how does it make everything else less interesting?

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Written by Sophie Soar

Sophie Soar

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