Leanne Johnston, 21, Newcastle, UK

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Leanne Johnston Fashion Student UK


Leanne Johnston lives in Newcastle, UK. She is 21 and will graduate this yearwith a BA in Fashion Product & Promotion. You can follow Leanne on Instagram @leanne1993x, Twitter @leanne_j93 and Pinterest @leannejohnston5 or on Tumblr.

Leanne Johnston Fashion Student UKLeanne Johnston Fashion Student UKLeanne what is the background of the work you submitted?
I created this work during the second year of my Fashion Product & Promotion BA course. The project brief was to choose a designer who really inspired you and take this inspiration, your research and development forward into creating a garment. My inspirations were Issey Miyake, Hussian Chayalan, origami and structure.

I chose Issey Miyake as my influential designer because of the way he challenges the industries beliefs about fashion. I also like the relationship he creates between the body and his clothes.

My concept was showing beauty with a hidden mystery. A pretty garment is nice, but I also wanted the consumer to be drawn in. I achieved this by sticking to one colour but using various fabrics to add mystery and interest to the garment. At a first glance you see a plain, black dress but on a closer look you notice all the panels are different fabrics: lace, silk, suede and polyester. The skirt can be worn in two different ways: I used hook and eyes to create a short, puff ball skirt that when unhooked, becomes a long lace gown.

As part of the project we had to use photography and illustration to present our garments. Because I wanted to focus on hidden mystery I researched photographers who use shadows and low key lighting to create an atmosphere within the imagery. My illustration’s focus on the back view and the lace skirt intended to show more of the dress details.

What inspires you creatively?
Textures and details inspire and interest me – I am really drawn to anything appealing to the eye and images that make the mind work. I recently came across some abstract images by Nick Egglington. He had taken images of smoke, I found the shapes it created so interestingvisually. Elie Saab’s 2014 couture designs with the intricate embroidery and appliqué detail of lace and beading against the gossamer-light pleated goddess gowns really appealed to me.

YourView Leanne Johnston Fashion Student UK Inspiration

Your favourite film of all times?
My all time favourite film has to be the Disney classic – The Lion King. It is a fun and dramatic film that always takes me back to my childhood.

Your favourite music track or album right now.
Duke Dumont – I Got U ft. Jax Jones. I love this song at the moment because it makes me think about the summer ahead and going travelling.

Your favourite on-line Video
This video is of World of Colour at Disney’s California Adventure, it is an amazing water show. I find the colours and unique ways the water moves so interesting. A long film but a must see.

A View from Leanne Johnston,s Window

A View from Leanne Johnston,s Window

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration
One of my favourite websites for inspiration has to be Pinterest. You can always find exciting and influential ideas on there.

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live
Newcastle Fashion Week- this year it takes place on the 9th-17th of May. It fascinates me as it exhibits what fashion in Newcastle is really about and every year the event grows.

What does Fashion mean to you?
It should be interesting and visually appealing. Fashion should represent your personality.

Your ideal Fashion Project
My ideal fashion project would consist of creating an interchangeable fashion collection and being able to collaborate with creative people such as mechanics, artists, architects and engineers who will take fashion from a different approach and from a new perspective.

How do you imagine your future?
In my future I imagine I have a career in design, possibly working towards my own brand/label.

Leanne Johnston

Leanne Johnston

Your ideal internship
My ideal job would be part of a successful womenswear design team, working on the next big trend. My favourite things to design are evening wear, underwear and unusual one-off pieces. My ultimate dream is to work for companies such as Elie Saab, Valentino, Christian Dior or Vionnet.

You wonder…
What do designers look for in a person when hiring?

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