London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 in Reviews

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Rising stars, small brands and big designers


Now that London Fashion Week’s spring summer 2015 showcase has ended, we’ve gathered articles that reflect on the collections, inspirations, scandals and excitement that took place last September. Rising stars, small brands and big designers, Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane, Tom Ford and Burberry to name a few, presented their unique perspective on the SS15 season.

The movement towards a greater accessibility to fashion has kept pace for the SS15 season. Independent publications and bloggers, free from the pressure of satisfying sponsors, are seen as having a significant impact on setting trends and supporting small labels.

This season Christopher Kane presented nostalgic themes with references to details of his childhood and education at Central St Martins – including a tribute to Louise Wilson who passed away earlier this year. The show also previewed Christopher Kane’s upcoming collaboration with cosmetic brand NARS, which will be released in May 2015.

In light of recent wage scandals at Burberry, the pressure was on Christopher Bailey to deliver a runway worthy of the head designer’s £20 million pay check. Receiving mixed reviews, the colourful wildlife collection was inspired by themes of resiliency and fragility, all the while maintaining the deep emerald, mulberry and violet hues that have become synonymous with Burberry Prorsum.

Many labels are quickly catching on to the importance of utilising online marketing, an area in which tech-savvy Burberry has led, according to the Financial Times. Following in Burberry’s footsteps, increased use of social media and online marketing techniques have been incorporated into several brand’s campaigns.

Tom Ford’s show was his final for London Fashion Week, with the designer due to relocate to LA in February 2015. The runway didn’t seek to push creative boundaries, rather to hone and perfect techniques that have made Tom Ford famous over the years. The presentation was none the less sensational, with models towering in intimidating platforms: front woman attitude with wild hair and bold styling to match.

In contrast, War on Want lobbyists momentarily held the spotlight to the plight of garment workers in third world countries, staging a protest on Waterloo Bridge during the week. The campaign aimed to uncover the dark side of the fashion industry.

Find-out more with our selection of reviews below.

Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 15, 2014

Campaigners put garment workers in spotlight at London Fashion Week


“As brands, designers, models and fashion fans gathered to celebrate Spring/Summer 2015 collections at London Fashion Week, campaigners took action on Waterloo Bridge with a 30 metres wide banner reading “Don’t mention the garment workers.” “London Fashion Week is a glittering showcase for the fashion industry. But fashion’s dark side is kept in the shadows,” said War on Want senior campaigner Owen Espley.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 15, 2014

London Fashion Week: How the internet has helped break the big name monopoly


“London Fashion Week opens today but the power of big catwalk shows is being rapidly eroded by young designers exploiting fast-changing technology to sell their wares directly to a global customer base. The growth of online retailing, together with the advance of fashion blogging, is breaking the control of couture brands in dictating trends and diminishing the significance of the traditional seasons.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 16, 2014

Timely pursuits in London, from Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane and Burberry Prorsum


“Time is something I’ve been thinking an awful lot about during the London leg of the spring/summer 2015 collections. Actually, that’s a lie. Because there’s no time to think. Or to eat, breathe, go to the toilet. Those kind of things. It makes you long, a little, for New York, for the wide open spaces of their fashion week calendar (at least, my fashion week calendar). In London, every hour, on the hour, there’s something to see.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 16, 2014

London Fashion Week: Tom Ford strides ahead in search of the perfect Fordean fashion


“There’s fashion. And then there’s Tom Ford. The man stands outside of it – not woefully, but wilfully. Tom Ford helped forge the path of fashion today – he numbers amongst very few in the pantheon of fashion greats. Another is Karl Lagerfeld, and another was Yves Saint Laurent. It’s interesting to see how these greats operate. They march, entirely convinced, to the beat of their own drums. God knows where they’re going. It’s rarely where the rest of fashion’s Lemmings are following.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 16, 2014

Christopher Kane Is Doing a Full Beauty Line


“Today, across the pond, Christopher Kane announced that he will team up with NARS to produce a full makeup collection. Though they’ve worked together during London Fashion Week since 2012, this is the first full line they are producing together. The collection, which will include a full range of products for eyes, lips, and cheeks, will launch next May — but you can get a sneak peek of the products from Kane’s runway show today, which incorporated the upcoming collaboration.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 16, 2014

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey turns spotlight back on to collection


“Perhaps the delicate balancing act between art and commerce which his job involves was how Bailey came to “an idea of fragility and strength” as the starting point for this collection. A secondhand bookshop discovery of 1940s volumes about the insects and wildlife of Britain instigated a celebration of “the resilience, but also the delicacy” of wildlife. Tulle with the transparency of a butterfly wing floated under “honeybee” coloured suede, or shiny beetle-green leather.

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Featured In Modeconnect’s Fashion News Round-Up On September 16, 2014

Technology in the spotlight at Burberry show


“Burberry has long been at the vanguard of fashion’s adoption of new technology. It led the way in live-streaming shows, customers being able to order the garments straight from the catwalk and even has its own social media site, Art of the Trench. But according to Tracy Yaverbaun, group director of retail at Facebook, other brands are catching up.


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