The Mango 2012 Award Winner: Wisharawish Akarasantisook

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Mango announced on May the 30th,  the winner of its 4th Fashion Awards: Wisharawish Akarasantisook, a Thai national, trained at the IMF – Institut Français de la Mode – in Paris. His collection, inspired by the notion of re-incarnation is certainly beautiful. Wisharawish is very talented and no stranger to international competitions. He was, under the pseudonym Titipon Chitsantisook, one of Hyeres 2008 finalists … for photography; he won the same year the Onward group New Designer award.

With a prize of 300.000 Euros, the Mango Award is one of the largest in the world. Taking place every 18 months, it is opened to young designers under 35 years of age and with three years’ experience in the fashion industry. With each edition since its inception, Mango shortlists 50 applications out of the 250 received. The 10 finalists are those, in the jury eye, with the most talent and international projection.

In addition to Wisharawish  Akarasantisook this year finalists were: Spanish duo Sergio Pastor and Ismael  Alcaina, Takashi Nishiyama from Japan, Dutch Harvey  Bouterse, Swedish pair Stefanie  Malmgreen de Oliveira and Richard  Lindqvist, Tuomas Laitinen from Finland,  French Christine Phung, Takayuki  Tanaka from Japan, Haesung Bong from Korea and Mads Dinesen from Denmark.

Mango states that: Given the maturity of the market and the high degree of competition that exists today, introducing new concepts which allow a brand to distance itself from its competitors is a very complex task. … for MANGO it is essential to come up with innovative projects which add value to the brand.

The jury at Mango does seem to take into account a certain degree of commerciality and an image which resonates with its brand. Certainly its choices are far less daring than those of Hyeres.

However, this year Mango finalists included Mads Dinesen, a fashion finalist at Hyeres in 2011. Mads graduated from Berlin Udk – Universitat der Kunste / University of the Arts – in 2010. This was an exceptional year for UdK, as Janosch Mallwitz himself a 2010 UdK graduate was also amongst the ten Hyeres 2011 finalists.

We like very much Mads’ submission to Mango; it is creative while commercially viable.

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