Since 1985 the New Designers exhibition held in London, Islington has become the showcase of new and emerging talent in the fields of decorative arts and design. Year after year design graduates from across the UK gather in the capital to showcase their work. The exhibit offers a rare glimpse at these new artists before they join design studios or launch their own brands.

Split into two halves, a week apart, the exhibition allows members of the press, potential employers and the general public the opportunity of seeing the work of over 3 thousand UK design graduates from end to end. The exhibit covers most forms of practical art and design; not only showcasing the final designs and products, but also the development process.

Part 1 focuses on textiles, jewellery and ceramics and other forms of 3-D design, while Part 2 is dedicated to visuals, functional design and furniture.

Fashion students and designers can really benefit from attending New Designers, especially Part 1. The textiles and other designs exhibited provide a good indication of the directions the fashion industry may be about to take. New Designers is a must go to destination for any trend forecasters.

Here you will find the thoughts and reviews of our authors on New Designers 2012 and New Designers 2013. The authors describe their journeys around the exhibits in intricate detail, giving an overall impression of the work on show. The designers themselves discuss what influenced their work and how they progressed from their original inspiration. Our writers have explored the differences between the two exhibits, examining how the work is representational of artists, concepts and trends.

You can find more information on the New Designers website.