CRISTINA SABAIDUC SS13: a Creative Collaboration


More often than not, the great fashion success stories of modern times are the results of collaborations. Today, designers rarely create alone, instead they partner with other creatives within a studio or across the different stages of the design cycle.
Collaboration is a practice, a value and a spirit Modeconnect holds dear. We will time and time again tell inspiring stories of people sharing a strong vision and getting together to create an innovative fashion. In the Toronto Issue of Modeconnect we felt the story we chose to tell, that of CRISTINA SABAIDUC SS13 collection, was so strong that we decided to tell it in three parts.
Here it all comes together, a collaboration between a fashion designer, a visual artist and a media producer. The visual artist and the designer worked together on prints for Spring and Summer 2013. Designer and media producer shot beautiful images of the resulting collection. The three of them worked together on a short 3D fashion film screened at the Canon Cinema as part of the London Fashion Week Digital Schedule.


Cristina Sabaiduc

Cristina Sabaiduc

Cristina Sabaiduc is the Fashion designer. A Ryerson Fashion graduate, she was born in Romania but spent most of her life in Canada. She moved to London in 2010 and launched her eponymous label, CRISTINA SABAIDUC, with the SS12 season.



Amanda May

Amanda May is the Media Producer. Also a Canadian she held a variety of Fashion jobs in North America before moving to the UK in 2007 to attend Central Saint Martins. There she met Mark Fast, himself a Canadian and in 2008 they launched together his eponymous label. Amanda was Managing Director of Mark Fast, in charge of Marketing and Special Projects until 2011 when she left to start Cinematastic, a media production company, with Samatha Jocelyn.


Jo Holland

Jo Holland

Jo Holland is the visual artist. She was born and raised in the UK where she trained as a photographer, but she is not a traditional photographer. Jo is a photographer who does not use a camera; her images are one-offs direct positive photographic impressions from actual objects.

The Meeting Place – 3D SS13 Film from Cristina Sabaiduc on Vimeo.


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