Exhibition: Basic Instincts

CREDITS photos Basic Instincts

Landscape Metropolitan Sleek
Including work by: Anne de Grijff, WHIM architecture, Scholten & Baijings

Photography Lizzy Kalisvaart

Landscape Perspectives
Including work by: Oda Pausma, Frederike Top, Daphna Laurens, Gionata Gatto – Studio Atùppertù, Anne Holtrop

Photography Lizzy Kalisvaart

Landscape Slow Forward
Including work by: Iris van Herpen, Siba Sahabi, ,Paula Arntzen, Studio Jo Meesters, Georgios Maridakis, BCXSY, Doepel Strijkers

7. Iris van Herpen ®, Basic Instincts – photography Lizzy Kalisvaart
Please make sure to credit: Iris van Herpen®
Photography Lizzy Kalisvaart

Landscape Soft Future
Including work by: Klavers van Engelen, Pascal Smelik, Glithero, Sharon Geschiere, Bo Reudler Studio, Powerhouse Company

Photography Lizzy Kalisvaart

Landscape Un-Designed
Including work by: Monique van Heist, Lex Pott, Pieke Bergmans, STEALTH.unlimited

Photography Lizzy Kalisvaart

Ines Veselcic

All Illustrations by Ines Veselcic for more information please visit: http://inesveselcic.amfiportfolio.nl/

AMFI – Credits:
Transit exhibition picture: photography Joris van Egmond

Individuals studio: photography Anton Dijkgraaf

Individuals collection (catwalk picture): photography Peter Stigter

iNDiviDUALS – AMFI – Credits:

Individuals collection (catwalk picture): photography Peter Stigter

Jolka Wiens – Credits:

Sources of Images

Slide_02.jpg: by Mira Sohlén

Slide_03.jpg: by Team Peter Stigter

Slide_04.jpg: by Team Peter Stigter

Slide_05.jpg: by Team Peter Stigter

Slide_06.jpg: by Team Peter Stigter

Slide_07.jpg: by Jolka Wiens

Slide_08.jpg: by Jolka Wiens

Slide_09.jpg: by Jolka Wiens

Slide_10.jpg: by Jolka Wiens

Slide_11.jpg: web: http://www.oh-barcelona.com/es/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/suites-avenue.jpg

Slide_12.jpg: Portfolipage by Jolka Wiens
Slide_12.jpg: Portfolipage by Jolka Wiens
-left image (heads): L’Officiel NL, N°29 Ocober/November 2011, p.96-99 -right image above/ on top:
-right image under (black geometrical lined head):
Slide_13.jpg: mfl_by-matinstousland-for-agence-anti-viaforgotten-hopes-31.jpg

Slide_14.jpg: Inspirationwall created by Jolka Wiens [with different pictures/Sources*,
different fabrics/prints, textile-samples which I developed to facial structures,

* -left image(2heads/muscles)=web:
-3rd face with drawed lines of mine to abstract the facial shape.
I guess I found the face in some fashionmagazine…
-4th face (from left) and the one next to it (on the right) = Amie Dicke
-last one in the row is a dress by Hussein Chalayan (Source: Book “Parallel Practices in
Fashion and Architecture” [Skin+Bones], by Brooke Hodge, Patricia Mears, and Susan Sidlaukas,
Thames&Hudson NY, printed in Italy, when? , page 63)

Slide_15.jpg: Stills of a youtube “tutorial”:
eMotion – Facial Expression Recognition

Slide_16.jpg: by Jolka Wiens – Tryout Fabric with laser cut of a face [Portfoliopage]

Slide_17.jpg: by Jolka Wiens – Tryout of different Materialtreatments combined, both of them
defined the collection in the end. (Knit and laser-cutted neoprene)

Gerrit Rietveld Academie – Credits:

Graduate collection (catwalk picture): photography Peter Stigter

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