Bright New Things, Revasseur Young Designer in Singapore


Bright Young Things: Top Nine New Singaporean Labels selected by Digital Fashion Week Keyis Ng

Keyis Ng, an expert in Singaporean fashion kindly accepted to curate a selection of home grown emerging fashion labels for Modeconnect. You will find below nine Singaporean designers who have launched their labels recently and whose collections are available for retails. They have been selected by Keyis for the individuality of their designs as well as the quality of make of their garments and the commercial viability of their brand. Feel free to visit their individual websites to find out more about them.

Keyis Ng is Creative Director for Digital Fashion Week Singapore and for DFW Creative Pte Ltd a creative agency specialised in fashion and lifestyle brands. Digital Fashion Week Singapore (DFW Singapore), the world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week, took place for the first time in October 2012. DFW Singapore allows fashion lovers from around the world to purchase runway designs instantly as the catwalk show is live.


RÊVASSEUR is a mix of whimsical and avant-garde designs, with strong silhouettes, a play on textures and prints, and some down-right outrageous OTT novelties, resulting in unique garments that brings smiles to the face of its wearers.

RÊVASSEUR, which means ‘daydreamer’ in French, aims to bring “fun” back into fashion, to encourage its wearers to experiment and to make a statement with a personal style that is uniquely theirs.


You can find out more about RÊVASSEUR through the label’s Website and Follow on Facebook and Twitter @queengilda.

Revasseur Young `Designer in Singapore

Revasseur Young `Designer in Singapore


max.tan was invited to showcase at Modefabriek in Amsterdam in 2010 and was the first Asian-based label ever to do so. The A/W 2010-11 collection which debuted in Amsterdam was subsequently featured by Vogue Paris online and went on to win second place at the China Fashion Creation Contest 2010. His following S/S 2011 collection was picked up by Vogue Nippon and Surface Asia calls max.tan one of the hottest new names to look out for in fashion.
While retaining a penchant for austere moods and somber inspirations, his cuts are amazingly innovative and playful. Although much of his attention is paid to tailoring, his real talent is revealed through the unexpected silhouettes generated through the twists in his designs and his constant challenge to the rules of drafting and tailoring.

You can find out more about max.tan through the label’s Website and its Facebook.

Max Tan Emerging Fashion  Designer  Singapore

Bright New Max Tan Young Designers in Singapore


Founded in 2009, AL&ALICIA represents the contradiction between boy and girl, and how two wardrobes can be borrowed from to create that boyish-meets-chic look.

The label is set to bring about luxury and beautiful fabrics, combined with menswear inspired structures and soft layers, to create a versatile range of comfortable and anonymously chic covetable outfits.

Time To Pretend from AL&ALICIA on Vimeo.

 Al&Alicia Young Designers in SingaporeYou can find out more about AL&ALICIA through the label’s Website and Follow on Facebook and Twitter @ALANDALICIA.

Reckless Ericka

The main concept of Reckless Ericka is ‘Euro-centric’. We focus on balancing classic tailoring with edgy use of silhouette and colours, and constructing avant-garde silhouettes with classic details. This infuses edginess and quirkiness into our brand, giving it our very own refreshing identity.

You can find out more about Reckless Ericka through the label’s Website and Follow on Facebook and Twitter @RecklessEricka.

Recless Ericka Young Designer in Singapore


PAULINE.NING is an Asian designer fashion label based in Singapore. We produce urban ready-to-wear feminine designer clothing with a touch of edginess, bringing together contemporary fashion and traditional handcrafted work.

Naturally drawn to organic shapes and elements, gathering together contradictions, the work reflects opposites — raw and refined, structured and soft.

Pauline Ning Young Designer in Singapore
You can find out more about PAULINE.NING through the label’s Website and its Facebook.


-J-A-S-O-N- is a testament to the notion that style never takes a day off. More than a common name, -J-A-S-O-N- is an acronym for the months from July to November, and a muse for the label that was conceived in the midst of a year.

-J-A-S-O-N- serves to outfit independent men who are not swayed by trends. The label is in relentless pursuit of fresh and strong pieces, simultaneously wearable yet transcendent. Tailored cuts are contradicted with peculiar details, delicate pieces are made provocative with bold designs.

Jason Young Designer in Singapore

You can find out more about -J-A-S-O-N- through the label’s Website and Follow on Tumblr.


Deconstructed, reinvented and inspired; MILS is a luxury brand providing alternative designer apparel for the contemporary gentleman.
Based in Singapore, and conceived by Sunny Lim, the up and coming menswear label recently launched at Parco next NEXT’s Fashion Design Incubator Project @ Millennia Walk, Singapore. Showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2012 in Sydney, and in Singapore Audi Fashion Festival and Blueprint: Asia’s Fashion Gateway Tradeshow, May 2012.

Mils Young Designer in Singapore

You can find out more about MILS through the label’s Website and its Facebook.

In Good Company

If keeping in good company with family and friends makes for quality of life, then a similar relationship with the kind of timeless classics that can become the staples of your wardrobe should add up to great personal style.

In Good Company is a complete concept label, in a most unexpected way. While the brand does include a tightly edited choice of bags, accessories and footwear to round off the shopping experience with their every capsule, instead of the standard his-and-hers route to complete their range of offerings, we’ve gone on the mini-me route. One-third of every capsule collection features both ‘mini-me’ versions from three to eight years of age.

You can find out more about In Good Company through the label’s Website and its Facebook.

Bright New Things, In Good Company, Young Designers in Singapore

Bright New Things, In Good Company, Young Designers in Singapore


Yumumu is a womenswear brand that projects an unwavering image of modernity in an understated, yet distinct style. The brand is best known for its geometric emphasis and collaged fabrication.
Fusing influences from global cultures and contemporary art, Yumumu takes pride in its artisanal approach to the creation of every garment, establishing a fine balance between precision and imagination.

You can find out more about Yumumu through the label’s Website and its Facebook.

Yumumu Young Designer in Singapore

Yumumu Young Designer in Singapore

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