Une Fille Comme Les Autres

Director: Matthew Frost
Co-written by: Fabien Prade and Matthew Frost
Starring: Ashley Smith
With: Ryad Slimani, Jeanne Damas
Voice: Matthew Frost
Stylist: Jennifer Eymere
Hair & Make-Up: Sergio Corvachio
Post Prod: Firm Studio
Editing: Gopal Puntos
Music: Mattias Mimoun

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Jalouse is French for jealous for a woman, the masculine form is Jaloux. Jalouse is also the title of a young French fashion magazine launched in 1997by Les Éditions Jalou, a small but dynamic publishing group that owns amongst others the magazine L’Officiel, which is with French Vogue the oldest French fashion magazine.

Released early 2012, the tongue in cheek Une Fille Comme Les Autres staring Ashley Smith mixes several genres and stereotypes. A story in a story it is presented as a pitch for the script of a viral video. It is highly effective in term of communicating a fun-and-cool-image-that-does-not-take-itself-too-seriously as well as featuring a great number of outfits. Clearly the video was a success as a sequel (shown below) was commissioned.

The self-mocking quality of the video is a great way to communicate a classic promotional message relying mainly on stereotypes. The final scene beautifully demonstrates this.

Une Fille Comme Les Autres (Part II)

Director Simon Cahn
Written by: Fabien Prade
Creative Director: Jennifer Eymere
Starring: Ashley Smith
Voice: Alex Marshall
Director of Photography: MartialSchmeltz
Hair & Make-Up: Sergio Corvachio
Post Prod: Firm Studio
Editing: Gopal Puntos
Music performed by Nick Waterhouse.



Written by Coban Beutelstetter

Coban Beutelstetter

Following his Cinema training at French University Paris VIII, Coban Beutelstetter started working as an film editor, quickly his role evolved towards that of filmmaker and director. Coban’s knowledge of many forms and styles of cinema provides most of his inspiration. His taste for experimentation led to contribute to very different projects, such as documentary, music videos, live recording, fashion films, experimental films and filmed theatre.
Today Coban is making his own short films while working on different projects which include fashion films. His work can be seen at www.vimeo.com/coban.