Obus – The Traveller


Written, Directed & Photographed by: Liam Gilmour, Peter Ryle and Tomas Friml
Styling by: Nadja Mott
Hair and Makeup by: Samantha Coles
Model: Erin Jolley (Giant Management)

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The film The Traveller for Australian fashion label Obus  SS12, is the product of team work. It was written, directed and photographed by Liam Gilmour, Peter Ryle and Tomas Friml. Liam Gilmour explained in an interview to Portable they used the collection itself as inspiration: Structurally, the garments dictated the narrative of the film and with Obus we developed the ideas and themes of the piece collaboratively.  The range was designed with travel in mind, comfortable basics made from beautiful fabrics, so we had to explore that aspect, but we wanted to include some mysticism and metaphors in the film that add another element…We also wanted to use the garments metaphorically to convey a sense of lightness and drifting, which is part of the end scene.


The result is both very effective from a commercial point of view; it shows each garment of the collection in details and projects a strong image of the brand. The narrative is not as definite as in the other films I selected for this curation but the overall experience with powerful images and evocative music by Them Swoops, Natasha Suda and Oliver Tank, encourage the viewers to create their own version of the story told. This loose but powerful sense of narrative is reinforced by a play with colours from hues of blues to a mix of orange and gold.


Written by Coban Beutelstetter

Coban Beutelstetter

Following his Cinema training at French University Paris VIII, Coban Beutelstetter started working as an film editor, quickly his role evolved towards that of filmmaker and director. Coban’s knowledge of many forms and styles of cinema provides most of his inspiration. His taste for experimentation led to contribute to very different projects, such as documentary, music videos, live recording, fashion films, experimental films and filmed theatre.
Today Coban is making his own short films while working on different projects which include fashion films. His work can be seen at www.vimeo.com/coban.