Stranded for Sitka


Directed by: Benjamin Schuetze & Ben Gulliver
Acting by: Jeremy Schuetze, Ben Gulliver & the beautiful Ashley Thistlethewaite
Produced by: Rene Gauthier, Andrew Paine
Story by: Jeremy Schuetze, Benjamin Schuetze & Ben Gulliver
Filmed by: Benjamin Schuetze & Julian Plimley
Edited by: Benjamin Schuetze & Ben Gulliver
Audio: Andrew Paine & Christopher Lovick

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To most Sitka is a city on the southern coast of Alaska that borders Canadian British Columbia. To many it is a surf and skate fashion label, based in Victoria and Vancouver and distributed throughout North America. Its motto is: there is no bad weather where there’s good clothing.

On its website Sitka explains it is: a collective of like-minded individuals; a lifestyle brand designed by the sea and woven by a common thread. At the center of our collective consciousness is a reverence for our environment.

Certainly the film Stranded for Sitka Fall 2013 is a family affair. Released in February 2013 it is directed Benjamin Schuetze and Ben Gulliver (who in 2011, had filmed and edited for Sitka Westport Weekend –shown below). The two actors are no others than Ben Gulliver himself, Jeremy Schuetze and the beautiful Ashley Thistlethewaite.

It is difficult to double guess how this film came to be. One likes to imagine it is the product of a particularly productive jamming cession. Its production cost was probably quite low but the commercial impact is brilliant. The film is perfectly coherent with the brand. Its story, the characters, the music and the scenery all draw you to forget until the punch line you are watching a fashion film, or in other words, a commercial.

Sitka features many films on its site. The brand clearly understands and knows how to use the power of fashion film.

Westport Weekend


Surfing by: Christian Moutinho and Noah Cohen
Filmed by: Ben Gulliver
Edit by: Ben Gulliver
Music: Drifting by Jon Middleton and El Toro by Bonobo



Written by Coban Beutelstetter

Coban Beutelstetter

Following his Cinema training at French University Paris VIII, Coban Beutelstetter started working as an film editor, quickly his role evolved towards that of filmmaker and director. Coban’s knowledge of many forms and styles of cinema provides most of his inspiration. His taste for experimentation led to contribute to very different projects, such as documentary, music videos, live recording, fashion films, experimental films and filmed theatre.
Today Coban is making his own short films while working on different projects which include fashion films. His work can be seen at