Dutch Crème de la Crème shows at the Lichting

Modeconnect joined the throng of family, friends and international fashion crowd for Holland’s Fashion Graduate event of the year The Lichting Show.  Packed to the brim, with an overflow of people happy to sit wherever they could including any vacant steps or perching ledge, the evening show began and continued with a vibrant flow of 5 outfits from each of the 14 students designers competing for this prestigious award.

The concept of ‘Lichting’ is simple: the best academy graduates of one year in one central catwalk show. The Dutch equivalent of London Graduate Fashion Week, Lichting, is a collaborative project by Amsterdam Fashion Week, Premsela and HTNK Fashion Recruitment & Consultancy and is sponsored by G Star Raw.


Now in its sixth year, Lichting selects two fashion graduates from the Netherland’s seven best art academies – Academy of Fine Art/Zuyd University, Willem de Kooning Academy, Utrecht School of the Arts, Royal Academy of Art, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Artez Academy of Visual Arts and AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The quality of designs these students produce attracts some of the most important figures from the fashion industry – from journalist and stylists to CEO’s and design managers – all eager to see what the academies have produced each year.

These figures are, of course, also crucial for helping these students take the next step in their careers. Indeed, the purpose of Lichting is to bridge the gap between the fashion education system and the fashion industry by providing students with an opportunity to get their work seen.

Students are selected by senior tutors at their respective academies, thus ensuring that each academy is representing the best results of its style of tuition. Each year a prize is awarded to the student whom a panel of judges, with extensive international fashion backgrounds, perceive to have the most talent and potential.

Once all of the collections had been shown, the task of collecting the votes began, 50% derived from the guest panel members: Orsola De Castro – London, Marieke Van Dongen – Antwerp, Corrine Springer – NYC, Margareta Van Den Bosch with the remainder made by select members of the audience.


The concluding winner was Yvonne Kwok from AMFI for her young feminine collection of separates. Soft candy coloured, short, pleated skirts and tiered blouses in floating chiffon were complimented with smocked leather and paper armour with intricate studding, embroidery and lacing. The rigidity of these last pieces complemented and contrasted with the overall fluidity of the collection. They acted as accessories, either strapped close to the body or forming a pannier effect over the shoulders and in some instances hung away from the front pelvis in a drummer boy fashion. The overall effect justified the marionette influence which inspired these delicate and wearable ensembles.

Remco de Nijs the collection stylist of G-Star RAW, presented Yvonne Kwok with a trophy and a prize of 10.000 euro to raptures applause. Joined by a model wearing one her outfits, a delighted Yvonne paraded with Remco to the end of the catwalk for a customary photo-shoot.

Following which the audience on mass moved themselves to cooler climb in the foyer bar too congratulate or commiserated their supported candidates.

Overall an amazing event that displays not only the talent and creativity, but also the industrial support for these young designers found here in Holland. Inspiring to say the least!



This year students exhibiting at the Lichting were:

Academy of Fine Art/Zuyd University
– Brian Geradts
– Sara Veenstra

Willem de Kooning Academy
– Ilona Putkaradze
– Nadja Wering

Utrecht School of the Arts
– Dagmar Lindeijer
– Judith van Vliet

Royal Academy of Art
– Miriam de Waard
– David Laport

Gerrit Rietveld Academy
– Poul Brouwer
– Morta Griskeviciute

Artez Academy of Visual Arts
– Esther Kruyer
– Jef Montes

AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute
– Yvonne Kwok
– Tess van Zalinge

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