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Promising market value

At GFW 2015 Manchester School of Art fashion students showed their training to be versatile and suitable for many areas of the industry. For over 175 years, Manchester School of Art has promoted individuality in both men’s and womenswear design. This year clean-cut show, presenting 21 newest talents, ranged from men’s puffer jackets to femme fatale leather collections. Students mastered the ways of communicating their ideas with individual looks creating harmonious collections.

Hannah Wallace brought her models out in balaclavas morphing into tight fitted tops as if the runway was a ski slope. The work boasted oversized, metallic puffer jackets that flashed under the spotlight. Of various lengths, Wallace made sure that jackets were firmly wrapped around her model – no scarves required!

All Images by Mary Moir



An intense mainly monochromatic colour scheme was highlighted with airy blue pieces to soften the sharp silvers and mineral greys. Gloves were an undiscovered wonder with a quarter of the hand being left uncovered for easy take-offs. Wallace made it clear that winter is coming, hence the potential of her designs for the industry.

Gabriella Sardeña’s pretty Parisian feel was accomplished with tiers of flouncy pleats that skipped down the runway.

Waistline skirts were placed over loose blouses decorated with lace, knit and rounded collars. Pin stripes shown through surface-dyed pleats made models appear as sweet as bonbons and carefully chosen graphics of eyes and lips did not detract from this, it enhanced the visuals instead. Yes the pastel palette was very pink!


floral prints and paisley covered simplistic, elasticated ankle tracksuits with colour schemes of blue and green.

Running down the majority of pieces, neon yellow stripes and straps provided contrast. A pioneering move showing the way to male sportswear and road construction attire all at once.

Yeti-like models towered over the audience as they walked in knee high boots for Zahra Sooty Hosseini. Trimmed with hair, these bold creations reminded us of Alexander McQueen’s infamous armadillo heels. Leather was folded; generating angular formation and 3D structure as well as strictly tailoring the models bodies.The all-black collection stunned with a seductive glimpse of maroon hidden within sleeves that winged out and elongated, lengthening the arm.


Hannah Sykes’ collection was packed with parkas and travel bags: a much needed combination when travelling around England for your summer vacation: it may rain! But why have one parka when you can essentially have two? As Sykes proved to us in her show, your parka will change colour come rain or shine! Models with their hoods up would stand under a light drizzle of water before walking to the front to an amazed audience who say white turn to mustard in an instant.

Through complicated chemical fabric work, the designer had mastered humidity changing textiles that produces magic.

Students showing at GFW 2015 have been taught well. Ideas were clear and well managed and turned into pieces with promising market value.




Written by Ruyi Meer

Ruyi Meer

Ruyi Meer is currently at London College of Fashion studying MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism. Ruyi interested in working in all areas of fashion communication and love the constant evolution of the industry.