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  Academically and Artistically demanding Programs

Located downtown Toronto, Ryerson University offers a broad and varied environment. Culturally diverse and inclusive, the university offers overall more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs to 28,000 students, including 2,300 master’s and PhD students. The University faculty and staff count almost 2,700 individuals.

Both Fashion Design and Fashion Communication are taught at Ryerson School of Fashion. Ryerson is an international leader in fashion education; the School of Fashion’s programs are academically and artistically demanding. They address fashion as an art, as a business and as an intellectual challenge.

For over 60 years, the School of Fashion has been developing fashion professionals. Ryerson’s alumni dominate the Canadian fashion industry and quickly are gaining international reputation.

Through global initiatives, exchange agreements and membership in the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI), Ryerson’s School of Fashion is counted as one of the top fashion undergraduate schools worldwide. In Fall 2010, Ryerson introduced an innovative program leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Fashion. This program is the first of its kind offered in Canada.


Ryerson Campus

Ryerson Campus

The undergraduate program- leading to a Bachelor of Design- has two options: Fashion Design and Fashion Communication.

The Fashion Design’s programs develop students’ vision and technical knowledge to design and produce garments for a variety of trends and needs. Ryerson’s curriculum produces technically brilliant, business and culture savvy designers for both couture and prêt-a-porter markets.

Fashion Communication’s students learn to skillfully communicate trends and ideas through graphic design, illustration, photography, product development and marketing. In conjunction with Theater students they produce the largest fashion show in Canada: Mass Exodus, attended by nearly 5000 spectators each spring including industry leaders, retailers and fashion media.


All students in the School of Fashion have the option to pursue Minors in the areas of business communication, entrepreneurship & innovation, marketing, and retail & services management. As of Fall 2012, students in the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management, also part of Ryerson University, will have the opportunity to pursue a minor in Fashion Studies.

The graduate program,leading to a Masters of Arts in Fashion, focuses on inter-disciplinary research and studio experiences. It offers a mix of core theoretical and practical courses and internship program leading to an advance-level project or paper. Students’ area of interest are supported by faculty’s scholarly, design, health, ethics & sustainability, education, retail, publishing, computer gaming, digital technology, interactive media, photography and popular culture.

Design Campus

Design Campus

For further information, please visit: www.ryerson.ca/fashion



Ryerson Campus



Ryerson Campus



Ryerson Campus

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