Lifetime Collective Spring 2011 Video

Directed by SALAZAR

Stylist: Mila Franovic
Hair: Tania Becker
Makeup: Jenna Kuchera
1st AC: Stephan DuVal
Music: Brennan Lloyd
Sound Design: Dan Gagnon
Actors: Kristy Jacobsen, Brennan Lloyd

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This fashion video was curated for Modeconnect by French film director Coban Beutelstetter. He explains: I was interested in finding out how the traditional codes of cinema could be of service to fashion films. Every day between Sunday April 28 2013 and Sunday May 5 2013, Modeconnect will release a new fashion video selected by Coban Beutelstetter.

Lifetime collective is based in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2002 … The Lifetime Collective began as a collaborative group of artists and friends. With clothing as the main focus, Lifetime is inspired by the communities we live in, the places we travel to, and the curious characters that surround us. …  Lifetime is defined by the changes that occur and the creative ways we adapt – Lifetime About page

Salazar – who is Jesse Savath, Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry – is part of the Lifetime collective. Salazar produced both Lifetime SS 2011 and AW 2011 promotional video. Originally focused on producing music videos and narrative work Salazar work evolved towards advertising and promotional videos. Salazar explains: This broadening of our focus came from realizing the power of advertising not only to sell product but to reach a larger and more universal audience.

Clearly in less than 1min 52 seconds, Salazar is able to push several of our buttons leaving us with a chill and a pile of clothes! In perfect symmetry the reversed path is travelled when watching the Video they created for Fall 2011!

Lifetime Collective Fall/Winter 2011

Written by Coban Beutelstetter

Coban Beutelstetter

Following his Cinema training at French University Paris VIII, Coban Beutelstetter started working as an film editor, quickly his role evolved towards that of filmmaker and director. Coban’s knowledge of many forms and styles of cinema provides most of his inspiration. His taste for experimentation led to contribute to very different projects, such as documentary, music videos, live recording, fashion films, experimental films and filmed theatre.
Today Coban is making his own short films while working on different projects which include fashion films. His work can be seen at