Director: Calum Macdiarmid
DOP: Nick Bennett
Music: Water:
Editor: James Demetriou
Sound Effects: Dugal Macdiarmid
Grade: George K at MPC
Make-up: Rose Angus
Producer: Sapphire Nalden
Compositing/Special effects done in After Effects

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Calum Macdiarmid wrote and directed the fashion film Stamen in 2011. It was released between Worship and 82, two films which earned Macdiarmid critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Worship was inspired by a text written by his father famous psychoanalyst Derry Macdiarmid days before his death. ‘82’ – that was screened in 25 film festivals & won 8 awards. All three films deal with dreams and the subconscious, with sex, death and violence. They also demonstrate Calum Macdiarmid great skills at special effect.

Macdiarmid studied Illustration at Kingston University in the UK before getting his first job as an illustrator for MTV. He moved on to animation directing the MTV idents (short interruption used to brand TV channels). He worked in animation and directing to brand channels such as Channel 4, Living, Bravo, and Virgin1. His work received a number of awards. Today Macdiarmid works for Great Guns Production where he directs commercials for clients such as Saatchi M&C, Rainy Kelly Y&R, and the BBC.

Like Worship and 82, and despite being labelled a Fashion Film, Stamen is Calum Macdiarmid foray in non-commercial work. Stamen may have received less critical attention Worship and 82; all the same, I feel it is an excellent Fashion Film with a strong narrative and beautiful visuals. Shot in an abandoned house in Oxfordshire, Stamen stars Katie Ball and Graham Dickson. I hope you’ll enjoy the rising tension of Stamen as much as I did.

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