All Walks Beyond The Catwalk – Credits

Art Director: Clara Rose
Assistant stylists: Kane Hulse, Florence Jones
Filmography: Jayson Hindley and Becky Chambers
Models: Annabel Davis, David Gant

Clara Rose graduated from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion and Communication in 2013. You can email Clara at


What is the background of the video you submitted?
The brief was set as a project by the founders of the association All Walks Beyond The Catwalk to produce a short film to promote a wider range of models within the fashion industry. I created an animatic, which is a series of drawings with a voice-over, of my idea and it was chosen as one of the concepts that All Walks Beyond The Catwalk wanted to see made into a short film.


What was the objective of your video, what did you try to achieve with it?
The objective of the film is to demonstrate how age doesn’t play a part in looking great in terms of fashion. The concept of the film is very simple. The shot begins at the feet of the two models and slowly makes its way up the fashionably dressed models to eventually reveal that the two models are much older than expected. It was created to try and change the way in which people view older models’ ability to promote fashion. It points out to the viewer their own prejudice as they expect the camera to reveal younger models and to prove that you can dress fashionably and look great at any age.

How did you find the models?
I had chosen the male model very early on, in fact during the process of creating the animatic of the concept.He is a model at Models1 and fits perfectly the look I had envisioned from the start; his white beard is perfect.


Clara Rose

Clara Rose

I contacted him personally and explained the project; he loved the idea. The female model Annabel Davis, was casted with help from my tutor who managed to hook me up with her. She has previously modelled for M&S. They both were great fun to shoot.

What do you feel is the role of the fashion film?
With film I was able to give people an element of surprise so that it would leave a lasting impression, leaving them to think differently about the way in which they see older models. As a film, it is likely to be seen by more people as it is easy to share through social media.

What kind of fashion films do you like?
I love ‘Underpass’ Dior Homme shot by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo. Visually it’s stunning. – Shown below – and also Dolce and Gabbana SS13 by Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana.

You have been involved with All Walks Beyond the Catwalk. What does diversity mean to you? Why do you feel it matters?
I believe that were designers to consider a wider range of models, they would create more individual garments.


Diversity gives designers the opportunity to think differently, not just within the boundaries that have been set by the fashion industry. Without diversity, designers cannot reach out and create something completely new; they are stuck behind the boundaries of what is expected.

So what changes would you like to see within the fashion industry?
More individual homemade brands and less of the big chains all producing the same things on the high street; I would like to see garments with more of character and value. If fashion itself was more diverse and individual, featuring and casting more diverse model would follow naturally.


What would your ideal Fashion Project?
Oh ghosh! My ideal fashion project would be to be Creative Director on a Dolce & Gabbana film. I loved their Italian Family campaign and would be so excited to work on something new with them!

How do you imagine your future?
I am currently working on the project of an online store for children’s fashion, a one-stop shop for busy mums stocked with independent children’s brands, every single item of clothing will be handpicked, ahead of trends and absolutely beautiful.

‘Underpass’ Dior Homme

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