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In the last year of his Fashion Photography and Styling course at London College of Fashion, 21 year old Josh Chow passion is with fashion photography and filmmaking. Josh expects to graduate with a BA in 2014. Check out his portfolio and follow him on twitter @chowjoshchow or instagram @joshchowphotography.

Nessie – Credits

Director/Producer: Josh Chow
Videographer: Josh Chow
Post production: Josh Chow
Stylist: Pam Nasr and Josh Chow
Makeup artist 1: Sophie Cramer
Makeup artist 2: Naoko Mabuki
Assistant 1: Rich Hennery
Assistant 2: Isabella Cammareri

Josh Chow 03


Josh what is the background of the work you submitted?
I have always been interested in films and moving images. Nessie is my first fashion film. For this project, I worked with 2 makeup artists and a stylist. My aim was to create a fashion film tailored to a chosen piece of music: Cyclops by Distance.

It was the perfect way to experiment with filming and explore creative options. In addition to its fashion and musical foundations I wanted the film to also have a conceptual base. My initial influence was a still image of an Olympic swimmer coming up for air mid swim, the violent movement of the water surrounding him created a surreal and monstrous ripple effect. I decided I wanted to create a fashion film based on this idea.

Josh Chow 01

So from those starting points what were you trying to achieve with the video?
I wanted to create a sequence of shots that would capture emotions while being sympathetic to the music. I wanted it to be playful yet interesting, powerful, yet simple. Obviously I wanted to capture the movements of water and fabric and more generally  the effect of slow movement on textures. The film “conceptual narrative” is the myth of the Loch Ness monster. I’d like it to be more than a fashion film; a form of artwork which expresses my love of fashion.


Josh Chow

Josh Chow

What did you think about when turning the Nessie myth into a fashion outcome?
I choose the myth of the Loch Ness monster in part because I didn’t want the film to end up being too serious. I liked the good-humoured nature of the name Nessie, adding a playful twist to an otherwise gothic and dark film. I think mythological stories are a great basis for fashion concepts as they allow a degree of freedom … you can also be more creative and daring with the clothing. There is no right or wrong.

Could you tell us about the process of styling for the video?
Clothes and styling are important to this film. I worked closely with the stylist to come up with unique outfits suited to each of the shots. We wanted to include as many styles as possible while keeping in mind the changing moods of the song and the film as a whole. I really wanted to be able to exploit the movements of the clothes’ material in and out of water. They had to convey a dramatic, mythical feel and atmosphere. We chose long, loose fabrics and dresses to construct this effect.


Can you tell us about the roles of the team who produced the video?
I created the concept of the film and was the main videographer. I also directed and post-produced it. I collaborated with two highly skilled make-up artists, one to create makeup looks for the water shots and the other for the studio shots. I worked with the stylist Pam Nasr for the water scenes and I was myself the stylist for the studio scenes. I enjoyed working as part of such a talented and inspiring team of people and would definitely like to work with them again on future projects.

Josh Chow 02

What do you feel is the role of the fashion film?
Compared to still image, I feel fashion film can have a deeper impact on its viewers. There is a lot more scope to display style, information and creativity using film, providing a deeper appreciation of the ideas behind and the clothes themselves. This allows for better communication all around, between the fashion industry, the artists, the audience and the consumers.

How do you imagine your future?
At the moment I would love to keep working as a photographer and filmmaker. I have more ideas to create other fashion films. In particular I would like to create a sequel to Nessie and other concept based on different myths. I really want to explore and expand my filming skills and create showcase videos.
I hope one day to be in position to help and inspire the next generation like my A levels teachers at Frensham Heights School did for me, at a time I felt lost. So much to look forward to!

Written by Anoushka Probyn

Anoushka Probyn

Anoushka Probyn’s range of interests within fashion is broad, from illustration to writing. Having completed a Foundation Diploma at Central Saint Martin’s, she is studying MA Fashion Media Practice and Criticism at London College of Fashion, expecting to graduate in 2017. She would love to experience working in the fields of fashion marketing, promotion and communication. Despite the fact that fashion can be all-consuming Anoushka also manages to find the time to practice oil painting and web design, as well as following football club West Bromwich Albion.