Final Grad Cut for Ren&I – Credits

Director: Sophie Wells
Photography: Phoebe Cheong
Filmography: William Gardiner
Music: Bjork – Cocoon
Garments: Georgina Mulholland and Oda Svendgard

Sophie Wells graduated with a BA in Fashion Studies from The Arts University of Bournemouth, in 2013 at 22. You can contact Sophie by e-mail at or via twitter @swells_7.

She is on Linked-In and Pinterest.


What is the background of the video you submitted?
The video was part of my Final Major Project, for which I had to create a brand image for the high-end womenswear label Ren&I. This label is designed by Georgina Mulholland and Oda Sevndgård, two recent graduates from The Arts University Bournemouth; I was invited to work with them on refining the philosophy and image of their brand as well develop a promotional strategy. The film was created as part of a digital promotion campaign designed to portray the latest collection and the brand to its full potential.

Concretely what was the objective of your video, what did you try to achieve with it?
The films intent was to portray the collection as well as give the viewers a sense of what the Ren&I brand is. Fashion film is an adaptable tool for commercial promotion; it is easily accessible online and can play an important promotional role.


To be more specific, the film tries to evoke a dynamic sensibility that develops in the dynamic between the female form and the movement of the garments.

How does the performance of the models reflect the identity of the collection?
The models were really important in that they enabled us to show how the garments and the fabrics responded to the body movement.


Sophie Wells

Sophie Wells

We did not want however the attention of the viewer to be focused on the models so kept hair and make-up very simple, and directed the camera towards the movement and the details of the garments.

How was the music chosen?
Choosing music as soundtrack to a film is always difficult; for me the music is so important, it has to be perfect. It has to fit in with the narrative of the film and evoke the desired atmosphere whilst fitting in with the brand identity. We chose Cocoon, a track by Bjork we felt added mystery and delicacy which worked perfectly with our images.

How was your video a collaborative project?
Very much so! From the start I worked in collaboration with the two designers, Georgina Mulholland and Oda Svendgard. They create such amazing designs! I also worked closely with a wonderful photographer, Phoebe Cheong, and filmographer William Gardiner, who kindly helped create such a beautifully edited film. I worked as the creative director; I listened closely to designers concept and creative motivations from which I took inspiration. I worked on creating a story that would do justice to the beauty of the Ren&I garments.

What do you feel is the role of the fashion film?
I love fashion film and I think it is major development within the fashion industry.


It gives its audience a real insight into the designers’ collections, allowing them to see details and movement.The quality I prefer is the ability of fashion film to evoke a range of emotions, form suspense to elegance everything is possible.
Fashion films play a major part in the evolution of fashion and its development into digital media.

SophieWells02What kind of fashion films do you like?
I can really appreciate Ruth Hogben’s creative approach to fashion films, she acknowledges both the importance of innovation and futurism mixed with a precise evocation the garments, of the emotion they can create. One of my favourites is ‘Perfect’ for Celine FW 10/11 – shown below – I also like ‘Venus In Fendi both by Ruth Hogben.

In a slightly different style, I am very keen on Nathaniel Brown’s personal and romantic view of punk in his film inspired by a note Sid Vicious: Punk: Untrue’

What changes would you like to see within the fashion industry?
The fashion industry and the arts as a whole, the creative industries needs to be recognised as a huge contributor to society and not swept away by business.

How do you imagine your future?
My aim is to work in fashion branding and promotion.


‘Perfect’ for Celine FW 10/11



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