Autisticana – Credits

Director: Suzanne van Heerde
Director of Photography: Michelle Duijn
Art Director: Jan Tap
Producer: Manon van Eijk
Model: Ivania Carpio


Suzanne van Heerde is a 24 years old student at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). She expects to graduate with a BA in Fashion & Branding in 2014. You can visit Suzanne’s tumblr and her portfolio and email her at


Suzanne what is the background of the video you submitted?
The video was made as a project assignment for a minor in Visual Culture on my fashion course. With little to no experience, we were challenged to create a video within one week. It was mad but we managed to produce this movie.

Suzanne van Heerde02

How did you come to choose the theme of Autism for your video?
One of our teammates was researching Autism for another project and she suggested the theme for our video too. As we carried our own research, watching various documentaries, our interest in the subject grew and we adopted the idea.

What was the objective of your video, what did you try to achieve with it?
We wanted to portray Autism in an unexpected way. To show it as something that can be interesting and beautiful too.

Was it difficult to portray Autism in a fashion environment?
Yes it was difficult to portray something that is not necessarily connected to fashion.


Suzanne van Heerde

Suzanne van Heerde

Moreover, we did not want to be offensive and were careful that our video could not be mis-used in a different context. We wanted something beautiful with an unexpected twist; something that made it even more beautiful to us.

Autistic people see the world differently and there are huge variations in the way autistic people perceive the world. The video tries to depict through ‘bits and pieces’, through moments, the world our character creates for herself, a place where she feels safe because she can control it.

Can you tell us about the colour scheme of your video?
We chose an overall neutral palette, black and white but with strikes of red and purple. This was designed because we felt our character would want the object she likes to pop while everything else laid low. We felt this would make sense to her.


How was your video a collaborative project?
Our team consisted of four people. I was the director, Michelle Duijn was the Director of Photography, Jan Tap was the Art Director and Manon van Eijk was the producer.Working in a team went fairly easy as we connected well on a creative level and were in sync on a lot of things.

Suzanne van Heerde

What do you feel is the role of the fashion film?
Fashion film takes the viewer imagination to another level. Of course one can think up a whole story behind an image but fashion films often take you on an unexpected journey, one that tickles your senses and makes you want more. Still images have a limited ability to take you away with them; their stories end as soon as you stop watching the images. Fashion films leave an imprint, lingering memories.

How do you imagine your future?
I am running a vintage store with a friend called Splitternakt Vintage. I hope it will continue to grow and become a chain of stores worldwide. With Splitternakt Vintage we are able to express ourselves creatively through the clothes as well as showcasing the collection through still and moving images.

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