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“Unreachable Dream Life”


Yana Zibareva, a 2014 graduate of Omsk Fashion Design School, created her final collection, “Unreachable Dream Life” using the Art Nouveau style as her core inspiration. Combining her choice of fabrics, colours and imagery creates a harmonious, romantic feel to the collection. Her main aim: to restore a positive influence in the world.

Yana’s capsule collection also has a distinct oriental appearance and feel. Her designs include soft colours and warm fabrics associated with traditional oriental wear. The nature inspired, floral designs are profound in their beauty. Some of the designs suggest luxury, even royalty in the colours and styles chosen; marrying East and West designs and cultures. A winner of the “The formula of fashion: East-West“, Yana Zibareva explains how she has had the chance to share her ideas to a large audience, something she now hopes to continue doing.


Yana, can you tell us what the purpose of your collection is?
Nowadays, there are a lot of negative emotions. People don’t usually pay enough attention to the positive things around us which help us to feel kindness, joy or sincere affection. Art Nouveau is the main inspiration for my collection. This style is emotional, romantic and figurative. Positive influence is an essential part of the collection.

So have you found people have been responding positively towards your work?
The nice truth is I have got the reaction I wanted.
I participated in a competition called “The formula of fashion: East-West”. I was nominated for and then won “Prét-â-Porter de Luxe“, so everyone at the show saw my collection. Many people have complimented my collection, and now people are wearing my clothes. It’s a good feeling.

Did you work with a particular market in mind?
During the creation of my collection, I thought about young ladies who want to look individual and stylish. Women who want be different from others.

What would you say are the key elements that define your collection?
The close connection between the inspiration and interpretation of sources generates bright and exquisite visual imagery. You can see the imagery in the combination of lightweight fabrics, open stitch structure, decoration and fluent lines which are typical ofthe Art Nouveau style.


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The plants in my collection are symbols of immortality and the beauty of nature. The birds are the symbols of freedom and happiness. An important aspect of reaching harmony in imagery is colour; it has an emotional influence upon a person and his/her mood.

In my collection I primarily used expensive natural fabrics like silk, cotton, cashmere and merino wool. I also used a cold colour palette: purple, blue, emerald green, dark blue, white and silver. These colours are typical of art-noveau style.

How has the experience of designing your collection affected you? What have you learnt along the way?
My collection embraces who I am as I wanted to be sincere and open-hearted. During my life I have always been challenged by people. Yet this only challenges me to get everything I want and reach my goals.

While I was creating the collection, I understood who I wanted to become. I feel like I finally found myself.

What’s next for you then?
I’m moving to Moscow and searching for the best way to show and practice everything that I’ve learnt so far. I am working with a good team and after having gained enough experience we will launch our own brand. It is very exciting!

If that doesn’t work out, what will you do then?
There is nothing else. We can never go back, we can only go forward.

If you weren’t in fashion, what do you think you’d be doing?
My Dad is a pilot, and I’ve always being impressed by his profession. I think it’s a very romantic job. So if I weren’t a designer, I think I’d be a stewardess.

But I’m in fashion, and I’m creating romantic collections. Much earlier on I created a collection entitled “Sky. Lady. Airplane” inspired by a Russian film. In the mood board I used a photo of my father in his pilot’s uniform.

Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to aspiring designers or people just starting out in fashion?
I will always remember two things one of my professors told me: the first one is “Work, work and work”. The second is “Don’t forget that you are the stars”. Also, lose your inhibitions and work from what you love. Enjoy your work and be yourself.




Written by Alastair James