Yuliya Rusinova fashion designer


Omsk Fashion Design School 2014 fashion graduate Yuliya Rusinova uses the work of artists Gustav Klimt as the primary inspiration for her final collection “Salt”. Yuliya’s oversized garments give the collection a ‘floating’ elegance. Yuliya Rusinova effectively uses different fabrics to signify and relate to elements of spring or summer. The role of Nature is also a clear inspiration for Yuliya’s colour choice.

Yuliya Rusinova was kind enough to offer us a little of her time to explain “Salt” and her work.

First of all, can you describe your work/collection to us?
Well I used paintings by Gustav Klimt, including “Pallas Athena”, as creative source. The work of Klimt combines decorative and ornamental qualities and offers original colours and compositional solutions. The golden period of the artist’s work is of particularly inspiration for me. It inspired the main colours of the collection: gold, mustard, coral, ochre, anise, blue-grey and grey-beige. The collection includes seven outfits, consisting of dress suits, coats and jackets. As the collection is designed for spring/summer, I selected natural moisture absorbing fabrics like linen, net and brocade.


Would you say you collection is market led or is it an expression of your identity?
I would say this is primarily an expression of personality, but some things were designed to be commercial. I designed the collection with both the catwalk and commerciality in mind. There are elements that were designed for the catwalk ad some for every day usage.

What is specific to your creative process? How did you go about creating this collection?
As the collection is based on shape and volume I did a lot of prototyping and modelling. I tested my ideas by draping fabrics over mannequins to see if the fabrics were stretched or wrinkled. This allowed me to see how the material adjusted to the human form.

Have you shown your work anywhere else?
I presented the collection at the contest Fashion Formula: East-West where I was awarded a special jury prize.


Yuliya Rusinova

Yuliya Rusinova

I’ve also showcased work at the exhibition “Fashion Fairyland” at the Museum Vrubel in Omsk.

How did that go down? How did people react?
This collection generates a lot of interest because of the range of hybrid items like the dress suit. At first people think “oh what a fun dress” and then they are surprised when they realize it’s a suit!I’ve had people buy things before too.


I also post pictures on social media, so others can see my work.

Now that your final collection is out of the way, what’s next for you?
I’m going to study a Masters. I would like to continue participating in contests, attending training in fashion houses and then one-day open my own studio.

At Modeconnect we are all about fashion education. Do you have any advice for people who may be about to start out, or think about a career in fashion?
When it comes to creativity I spend a lot of time looking at interesting sites, I can get caught up in searching for days! It is difficult to be constantly searching for information, so sometimes I stop, collect all the information, sources and developments I found, then walk away to process it all.

As my favourite Daft Punk song states: work harder, make it better, do it faster and you will be stronger!




Written by Alastair James