Roxanne Jones, 20, Hove, UK

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YourView Competition Contestant 20 Roxanne Jones Styling shoot

YourView Competition Contestant 20 Roxanne JonesRoxanne Jones is 20 year old from Hove, UK. She is studying the second of a three year BA course in Fashion Media and Promotion. You can contact Roxanne at or via twitter at @RoxanneJones5 and follow her blog on blogspot and tumblr.

Roxanne what is the background of the work you submitted?
These images are the result of a Print and Digital Media project, a magazine, for my course showcasing my skills in photography, styling and art direction.

Can you tell us more about this project?
The project started as a group project. We had first to conceive an innovative magazine designed to fill a gap in the market and then follow it up working as an editorial team would, recruiting our own editor etc.
The magazine we created was called ‘Rise’ and meant to showcase British content, highlighting the talent, cultural mix, art, music, lifestyle and fashion within our small island.

My personal contribution to Rise was a series of editorial spreads which I styled, photographed and art directed. I am a big fan of the 90’s and chose to portray how the 90’s mashed up styles including Nu Rave, Grunge, Britannia pop and Punk. I wanted the photos to reflect this carefree rebellious attitude of the 90s. I chose to mix current trends to show that the youth of today don’t go by the rules; they will wear what they want. I created photos with a hard edge but also playful and fun.

What inspires you creatively?
I’ m a very visual person and can be inspired simply by the way things look or show on a page. I rely a lot on magazines, old & new for inspiration focusing on the styling, photography and art direction. The site comes handy for this!
I find making mood boards very helpful, as simple as it is, even using simple tear-outs, it gives me a view of how things can be brought together and helps my ideas to grow.


YourView Competition Contestant 20 Roxanne Jones Styling shoot

Your favourite film?
It’s old school, 1999 to be precise: 10 things I hate about you. I could watch it over and over.

Your favourite music track or album?
The XX is one of my favourite bands; their music is relaxing in its own way. Their most recent album is called Coexist but I love the song Sunset from their first album.

Your favourite blog or website for inspiration?
Vintage Virgin, a blogger who inspires me to be creative with what I wear and experiment with all different types of styles.

What does Fashion mean to you?
It’s the future, my future. I don’t want to imagine myself not involved with fashion. It may sound cheesy but fashion makes me happy; I just want to do and see it all.

Roxanne Jones

Roxanne Jones

So how do you imagine your future?
Creating a theme, a look and feel is what I’m most passionate about: I would like to work as a stylist. I like to imagine slightly awkward and weird things and bring them to life. I have so many ideas! I look at clothes and instantly think about what they would look good with on who and where. I need an output for all those ideas!

Your ideal internship?
I believe internships are the way forward. There is no alternative to experiencing the internal working of a company works and spending time, working, with people. I am currently interning at and I have learnt so much, it’s a great way to understand where you want to end up workwise. Next – I’ll be trying to do loads of internships over the summer – I would love to intern at House of Holland, one of my all time favourite brands.



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