Runi Andanari, 21, Bandung, Indonesia

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Runi Andanari, 21, Bandung, Indonesia creative work 680

Runi Andanari is a 21 year old fashion student from Indonesia. She is studying the third year or a four year Fashion Design Bachelor course in Bandung, West Java. You can contact Runi Andanari at or via twitter at @majoruny.



What is the background of the work you submitted?
I made this Black Backbone outfit as a personal project in my spare time, last year. Initially it was just for fun but I am happy with the way it turned out. Now I would like to make more of it.

This Black Backbone outfit is inspired by a fictional character, a female warrior from another planet. In fact I see every woman as a warrior; women have to juggle many different jobs and need a broad range of skills to lead a successful life. I also believe that women can help make the world a better place. We, women, must part take in the world’s affair.

What inspires you creatively?
This outfit is inspired by the human backbone. It is the most important part of the skeleton; it enables our human body to stand upright and move. Our backbone is behind every organ of our body, including the heart. So it for me it symbolize physical strength but also strength of will and heart.

Macrame is an ancient handmade craft usually use for home decoration. It is a really beautiful and unique craft which I used in this outfit. It is made of cotton jersey taken from my brother’s t-shirt production waste.

The outfit consist of two pieces: a blouse and a mini-skirt. It is also designed to make use of production waste. I hope my creative work can inspire people to reduce production waste and use it to make beautiful outfit.  In fact most of my work use fabric waste. I like to find different ways to use it and I like it when people say they cannot believe waste is my source of material.

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Runi Andanari Fashion Design Indonesia creative work 3_200

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Your favourite film?
Coco Chanel! I love biopics and inspirational movies based on true story from which to draw motivation and Life lessons. I like the film Coco Chanel directed by Christian Duguay because it shows how Chanel succeeded, how focus she was. Also it gives an interesting perspective on the fashion industry; it can be fun but also very competitive. When I watched this movie I fell in love with Chanel, with her passion, work ethic and ability to turn every life challenge to her advantage.

I hope I can be like her. 

Your favourite music track?
I like Owl City, especially the track Shooting Star. It is easy to listen to and uplifting. I like to listen to positive and stimulating music; I am not really into sad or depressed songs.

I also listen to Korean pop music. I like the track One of a Kind from G-Dragon for the same reason, because its lyrics talk of optimise and confidence. G-D is young Korean entertainer who is very successful as a song writer, singer and fashion icon. He often talks of his own story in his song lyric; his personality and songs are very interesting.

Your favourite Video?
G-Dragon official video for the song One of a Kind. I really like this video for the song but also for the fashion. G-D knows how to impress with his performance. His looks are always amazing, even if a little bit crazy. He always looks gorgeous and cool!

Your favourite Blogs?
I look at a wide range of blogs on tumblr. Lately I often find myself on Couture and Cosmetic and Hautekills. They feature fascinating images, fashion show photos, art photography and Haute Couture.

A View from Runi's Classroom Window

A View from Runi’s Classroom Window

What is hot or new in the world and/or where you live?
The Governor of my town has been recently elected. I am not usually interested in politics but it is different when it is local. During the campaign, politicians chose to wear outfits that make them look special and easy to be remembered. They use Fashion to send a message and it really works. Our new Governor has used fashion to influence voters and has now set a fashion trend. Fashion really affects all aspect of life.

What does Fashion mean to you?
Fashion can be used as a mask, to be or pretend to be whoever you want to be: a queen, a student, a celebrity. But for me Fashion is the way to show the world who I really am.

How do you imagine your future?
After I graduate I want to do a Master degree in design; I hope to get a scholarship to study in France or Australia.

I hope to have my own label one day. I like Haute Couture, so my line will be couture and I dream to have a boutique in my town.
In the meantime I would like to work for a fashion magazine, as editor or fashion stylist. I think working for a fashion magazine is very interesting; it would also help me to meet influential people in the fashion industry etc.

self potrait_150Your ideal internship
I’m looking to intern with an international fashion brand, ideally I would like to assist the designer or stylist and be involved with a show.

My dream internship would be with Alexander McQueen. As fashion student I need practical experience to develop my skills further so feel free to contact me to offer me an internship!

You wonder…
As an undergraduate I realize I need to show and promote my creative work to be noticed and find opportunity to get into the industry after graduate.  How can I do this? Are there international fashion exhibitions I should consider to show my work?

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