Salford Logo Challenge

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Salford Logo Challenge Elliot Garner - Jonathan Griffiths The Reading Rack_680

Will you be #slcleft or #slcright?


Creative talent needs to be noticed before it can be recognised. While the internet multiplies exchange and communication possibilities, the constant noise it generates is overwhelming. Creating the event may help to get back in control, gain visibility and demonstrate one’s own talent. Self-promotion is good promotion.

This is what two graphic students from Salford University, Jonathan Griffiths & Elliot Garner hope to achieve with the Salford Logo Challenge. Once explained, great innovative concepts often sound obvious; the difficulty is usually getting the idea!

Over six weeks, starting March 4th 2013, Jonathan and Elliot will design every day, Monday to Friday, each a logo that illustrates a randomly selected theme. Today it was ‘The Reading Rack’ and these are the designs they came-up with.

Salford Logo Challenge Elliot Garner  Jonathan Griffiths The Reading Rack_elliot_day1 _340

Elliot Garner

Salford Logo Challenge Elliot Garner  Jonathan Griffiths The Reading Rack_jonno_day1_340

Jonathan Griffiths

Their stroke of genius was to choose to ask the public to vote and select the best design hence creating a daily event. The website they designed for this challenge: is simple and effective. The audience is requested to: ‘Simply choose the logo you think looks the best!’ A poll app keeps scores and the @LogoSalford twitter account provides a running commentary. Two hastags: #slcleft and #slcright help to indicate a preference for Elliot or Jonathan designs.

@youngnsuk said: For the first @LogoSalford we chose #slcleft! The other is too obvious in our opinion and this one would appeal to ‘trendier’ folk! While ‏@laura2daisy decidedly choose #slcright for the first logo on @Logosalford mainly because the books also look like a rack with good two ways imagery.

This challenge is part of the two students course work. The final project of their third year of studies requires they come up with an idea and carry an action to promote themselves as designers. The project lasting a total of 14 weeks Jonathan and Elliot decided to focus on the things they enjoy, designing Logo is one of them. They felt the idea of a challenge would not only attract attention but also stimulate their competitive spirit, making them work harder at producing winning logos. It also focuses the audience attention on their skills.

Self-promotion, creating the event often is the triggers necessary to the commercial success of Fashion Designers. In this area the internet has opened a huge range of new possibilities.

Visit the Salford Logo Challenge website, follow its twitter account @LogoSalford and do not forget to vote. Is it going to be #slcleft or #slcright?

Elliot Garner
Twitter: @elliotgarner

Jonathan Griffiths
Twitter: @GriffGraph

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